In 2018, more than any other year, mental health has been taking the forefront in EDM. The tragedy of Avicii’s suicide put a spotlight on how we, the fans, treat our favorite artists and what they go through to deliver the music we enjoy and the insane performances we pay money to go see. While many artists have spoken up, none have been as consistent on social media as Ekali has when it comes to talking about mental health and treating artists like fellow human beings.

Earlier today, Ekali opened further by sharing his own personal struggles with his very unique mental health issues in a three page memo than can be read down below.

Mental health and wellness needs to be talked more about in the EDM world and I think it’s amazing the person we know as Ekali can open up to us as Nathan Shaw and show that he is human with flaws and struggles just like the rest of us. Hopefully this letter leads to further dialog and action among the EDM scene and further understanding between fans and artists alike.