No matter what side of the fence you are on the issues, this year’s motif in the music industry has been more or less the year of sexual abuse scandal. From the murder and VERY heated debate on how to remember XXXtentacion after his death, to Chris Brown supposedly beating ANOTHER woman (FFS man), to R Kelly dropping a NINTEEN MINUTE LONG…I don’t even know what to call it…to address all the accusations being put against him. Yeah, the music industry is getting all types of shake ups, and EDM is void of it at all.

Earlier this spring, women who had come backstage to Datsik shows had some words, and more importantly, some accusations that Troy Beetles “addressed” in possibly the worst way possible, essentially committing career seppuku for the entire world to see. Since then, he has been dropped by his sponsors, his own label, disowned publicly by his closest friends on social media…and simply vanished.

For months, Datsik’s silence has given way to an almost inquisition like purge of all of his fans and associates and a consistent wall of flaming and disgust that has not relented since March. And while fans go back and forth, no artists have really snapped until yesterday, when Eprom, one of the openers for Datsik’s Ninja Tour, had some thoughts to let out.

While seemingly random, given that this all went down a few months ago, Eprom triggered a miniature shit storm that had another dubstep powerhouse, Dubloadz, wanting to plug his opinions into the fray.

Well, as I’m sure you can imagine in this day and age, a tweet like this didn’t do Dubloadz ANY favors at all, and soon accusations and support started flying at him from across EDM twitter.

As for Eprom…well he modified his message a bit.

While this seems to be just a small aftershock from the huge earthquake that was Datsik’s instantaneous and explosive demise, I have a feeling that this won’t be the only time artists exchange thoughts on how to handle this past spring’s events, and while its been months, you can bet this won’t be the only noteworthy exchange.