If you haven\’t heard by now, a few familiar faces are coming together to bring a film about friendship, love, and the dance music scene in Hollywood, including, yes, Zac Efron. \”We Are Your Friends\” is being directed by Max Joseph of MTV\’s Catfish, who apparently loves the good vibes of dance music.

The story itself follows an inspiring DJ named Cole who befriends James, another DJ with a girlfriend that Cole falls for. While the storyline is nothing short of cliche, the electronic music setting, which is said to be a major focus of the film, might make the movie tempting to watch. Or make dance music fans frustrated at the \”mainstream path\” that the genre is taking these days.

Even though shooting for the movie began last month, we are not to expect its release until 2015. Either way, the on-set sneak peekĀ is worth checking out:

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