Electronic dance music is quickly on the rise, and new producers are showing off their productions left and right. With this incline in popularity, EDM is quickly becoming saturated with repetitive \”big-room bangers\” and hardly showcases some of the best work that\’s put out there. Meet Autograf, the latest trio to make their mark in the electronic music world while tieing their music in with real instruments and the latest to bring something incredibly unique to the table. With the new subgenre, Future House, Autograf proves themselves as some of the more talented producers with distinct and noteworthy tracks posted regularly.

Their latest release exhibits just that. The trio just rFeleased a crazy good remix to popular artist Christina Perri\’s \”Burning Gold\”, which showcases the new styles they want to bring to the table. Autograf claims that their vision is \”for a harmonious blend of electronic synthesis with real organic instrumentation\”. This release is the 2nd installment of the duo\’s latest \”Future Nites\” series, which aims to boast the direction that EDM should go in. The trio also goes on tour and performs different than other artists. With a full array of instruments and their computers, Autograf creates a unique aura for every show, which is what you could check out when they head to the Subterranean here on the 22nd.

Don\’t get us wrong – the Beatport Top 10 isn\’t bad by any means, however, Autograf is a trio you\’ll want to keep your eye on, guys like these go places farther than a Beatport list. The Autograf remix to Christina Perri\’s \”Burning Gold\” is available on iTunes now, with a full stream below. The duo\’s SoundCloud and Facebook links will also be below, so be sure to follow them to stay up to date with their upcoming releases and tour dates.

Autograf: Facebook | SoundCloud

Christina Perri – Burning Gold (Autograf Remix) | iTunes