Known as shared dockless electric scooters or for short E-scooters are suitable transportation options for people who need to get from point A to point B in their city. Companies behind these ride-sharing devices most commonly promote their vehicles as Eco-friendly options that can assist with reducing the dependence on automobiles.

However, if you are environmentally-conscious, you might be wondering – are these E-bikes actually good for our environment? Luckily for all people, this article might be able to provide you with an answer to this question. Let’s take a closer look at the list of 7 reasons why E-scooters can help us prevent pollution:

1. Say ‘Goodbye’ to no Parking Spaces

Source: Northants Live

One of the first benefits of an E-bike is that its design is more compact than other transportation options. Most models that you can opt fr can be folded and stored without taking up a lot of space. If more people, all over the world started using these scooters, the need for parking lots will decrease.

Additionally, they can easily avoid traffic jams since they are lightweight. This means that a rider can simply lift it up and pass through the crowded streets, meaning that it will save a lot of time when commuting. On the other hand, a diesel bike is heavy and it needs to be parked at a designated spot, but, if the lot is completely full, the rider will need to look for another spot.

In most situations, especially in larger cities, it can be extremely daunting and time-consuming to find a parking spot, but with the implementation and use of electric bikes, you won’t need to worry about crowded and full parking spaces. Instead, you can simply fold it and you’ll be good to go.

2. There Are No Gas Emissions

Source: State of the Planet – Columbia University

As the name already implies, E-bikes function on electricity. Hence, they do not emit any dangerous and harmful greenhouse gasses. When compared to the standard, diesel bikes, E-scooter won’t produce any smoke, meaning that they can be used for lowering the high pollution levels.

If you choose to invest in a foldable E-scooter such as the one featured on, you’ll be able to extremely lower the carbon footprint you leave behind. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted from electric bikes is significantly less when compared to other means of transportation.

3. There is no Noise Pollution

Source: Time Magazine

Noise coming from vehicles is also classified as pollution, which is an increasing problem in the largest cities worldwide. However, with an electric scooter, there is literally no noise, which means that people that are, for example, in a hospital won’t need to listen to the noise produced by traditional bikes. All of this means that E-scooters can eliminate and lower noise pollution quite a lot.

4. There Are no Smells

Source: Colchester Gazette

The traditional scooters or bikes always leave an obnoxious smell behind, but, since electric bikes don’t function on diesel, they do not contribute to the smell pollution. For people that are allergic to the smell of diesel, one of the best transportation options for them is to purchase and use electric bikes.

5. It is Safer

Source: Londonist

As you already know, almost all vehicles involve a specific level of risk and when people try to get somewhere on time, there are big chances that they might encounter an accident while on their way. When compared to other options, choosing an electric bike is more convenient, but more importantly, it is safer.

These machines are made from durable and sturdy materials, which means that they are manufactured for tough, as well as rough use. Additionally, they also allow riders to step down immediately, hence, they could avoid colliding with other people, vehicles, or objects in their way.

Lastly, they allow people to press the brakes whenever they want to, which means that they can stop right away. This all means that this transportation option is fun and beneficial, while at the same time, they are easy to use and control, and they’ll provide you with safety and security when using them.

6. Less Use of Fossil Fuels

Source: Reporter Newspapers

You are probably aware of the fact that fossil fuels are slowly running out, which means that diesel and petrol prices are constantly getting higher. This has a really big impact on the budget of any man, however, with a bike that is charged with electricity, you’ll be able to save a lot of money, and more importantly, you’ll help lower the need for fossil fuels.

The bikes will feature a battery pack – which is also the most important part of the machine – and the pack is utilized for powering the vehicle. The higher the wattage, the more power you’ll have and you’ll be able to commute further. Besides this, the vehicles are also water-resistant, shook-resistant, and the batteries can easily be replaced if needed.

7. Kids Can Also Use it

Source: Razor

One of the greatest benefits is that children can use your E-scooter as well. How is that possible, they are powered by a battery, won’t they hurt themselves? The short answer, no, they won’t. The long answer, you can remove the battery from the vehicle, which means that you can take it off and allow your kids to enjoy riding it.

However, you’ll need to opt for a lighter model if you want your children to use it as well. If you choose a different model, they might find it difficult to move the scooter with their feet. Hence, opting for a lighter model is suitable if you want your kids to get some physical activity and to have fun.


Implementing E-scooters in some major cities is one of the best ways to lower pollution in our environment. Not only are they convenient and lightweight, but, with it, you can avoid some major traffic jams, there will be no need for parking, and more importantly, they are safer than other transportation options.

So, now that you are aware of all the ways these devices can help our environment, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should open up your Internet browser and start searching for an E-scooter that will suit your requirements, needs, and your budget as well.