If you are a motorbike owner moving your house, you must be worried about the relocation of the vehicle. A motorcycle, just like any other automobile, is an expensive investment and hence must be moved with due care and efficiency. Unless your new home is located just a few blocks away, riding a bike to a distant location is not wise.

There are many reasons why experts suggest hiring a motorcycle shipping company. First, riding a bike to a distant location is risky as you have to travel long distances. Secondly, you will have your household inventory with you, and you won’t be able to load all of it on the bike and travel. Experts at Moving Feedback recommend hiring one of the USA 10 best motorcycle shipping companies to move your motorcycle to the new location safely. To know the best motorbike relocation companies click here.

The professional motorcycle moving companies would take care of your vehicle and ensure safe delivery. Here is a complete guide on shipping a motorcycle across the country:

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Choosing the best motorcycle shipping company

The only way to ensure the complete safety of your motorcycling moving project is to hire a trusted motorcycle moving company. Such companies are specialized in moving all types of motorcycles with great efficiency. The expert at these companies is experienced, trained, reputed, and knowledgeable. With this, Breeze Customs would be the best shipping company to import a motorcycle with a simple and seamless importing solution

Moreover, they also have the required license and insurance to offer the best services. However, choosing the best motorcycle moving company is not as easy as said. There are endless choices available in the market, and choosing the right one is essential. Here is how to select the best motorcycle shipping company:

  • Get moving quotes

You can reach out to a reliable moving service platform and fill the estimate request form. As you submit this form, you will be offered several choices from the best motorcycle shippers near you.

You must compare the quotes received from different motorcycle moving companies. Make sure you compare the price, services as well as the conditions.

Run a background check of the company you consider cost-effective for your motorcycle transportation project. Read user reviews and also ask for references.

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  • Insurance

The company you hire for your motorcycle transportation must have valid insurance to cover any damages. You must check the insurance coverage and liability of the motorcycle shipping company in question. According to the law, all motorcycle shippers must have liability and cargo insurance to transport a motorbike across the country legally. You should also request written proof of the carriers’ coverage before deciding which one to hire.

  • Know the cost

Before you finalize a motorcycle shipper, make sure you discuss the project’s costing in great detail. Ask the company about any surcharges or additional costs that you must be aware of in advance. Also, ask the company if there are any deals or discounts that you can avail of. The best companies would suggest ways to make yourself eligible for availing certain discounts and deals that are prevailing with them.

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  • Decide

You must decide what type of motorcycle moving services you need. Should you hire full-service motorcycle movers or just the transporters? Depending upon your need, you must choose a suitable option.

It is recommended to go for full service moving company as the professionals know the best how to prep yup your vehicle for the move and deliver it safely at the new location.

  • Prep up the vehicle

Even if you have hired full-service motorcycle movers, you need to do a little homework before you handover your motorbike to the moving company. Make sure you wash your bike before you move it. Also, clean the tires and empty the fuel tank. Make sure you have the bike cover readily available to pack the bike as and when required.

If you have additional accessories installed on your bike, you must uninstall them and pack them separately. This makes your bike less heavy and easy to transport.

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What to do on a moving day?

Before the movers come to pick your vehicle, make sure you prep it up. To start with, wash the motorbike thoroughly with soap and water solution. Many times motorbike owners forget to clean the wheels, and the dirt and debris collected in the wheel cervices cause a lot of trouble and damage later. Ensure that you also wash the wheels and remove all the residues.

Once the bike is washed, use a soft cloth to rub it dry and apply any preventive polish or cream if you have. Such creams and polishes are easily available in the market, and you can buy it from the nearest store. Finally, cover your bike with the motorbike cover you got with the vehicle. If you do not have a motorbike cover, you can use an old spreadsheet. Movers will separately cover the bike and ensure proper padding, but to add a layer of protection, you must cover it beforehand.

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Finally, make sure you have an additional key to the motorbike and all the documents in place to claim ownership of the vehicle. If any damage happens to the vehicle, you will have to prove your ownership before you claim insurance cover for any losses.

Moving a motorbike is a complicated task as you are about to relocate an expensive asset. Make sure you hire a credible moving company for your needs, with the right tools, experience, and expertise in moving a motorcycle. If you choose to drive the vehicle, make sure you are all prepared for the long run. You must take all preventive and precautionary steps to ensure that the travel is safe and amazing.

Moving is a great experience, and when you succeed in moving a motorcycle safely, you have the best feeling in the world. So, start searching for the best motorcycle moving service provider and avail their services to move your precious vehicle to the new location.