With releases on Bitbird, Monstercat, and more under his belt – the creative genius seems to never run out of ideas as he unveils his latest “Talk” EP. Of course, we’re talking about Duumu. The melodic craftsman is no stranger to carving out meticulously cut harmonious masterpieces.

The Talk! EP spans five tracks and fully commands attention with its stunning production quality. The meandering ‘Blinded’ comes dripping in emotive vocals and bubbling atmosphere before its urgent drops, quickly followed by ‘Intentions’ ft. GLNNA; riddled with melodic piano riffs and an uplifting hook that keeps you coming back for more.

The ethereal ‘Tide’ works as a serene and expansive interlude to the choppy vibes of the title track – co-created with ÊMIA and bursting with dynamic rhythms and a weighty bassline. Duumu’s ‘Feather’ is the final offering in the collection, and is absolutely captivating from start to finish. Flickering shards of synths and chimes progress and develop towards the EP’s heart-stopping climax, showcasing this young talent’s undeniable vitality as an artist.

Listen to the EP below