Dr. Fresch is spearheading a deep house trend that\’s quickly becoming one of my favorite things to turn on: classic rap lyrics layered over deep, sexy basslines. A sound labeled \”Ghetto House\”, Dr. Fresch blends Nate Dogg\’s \”I Got Love\” and Animotion\’s \”Obsession\” from GTA: Vice City together for a concoction that will only lead to lighting up dance floors.

\”Ghetto House is coming back in the Nu Disco and Deep House scenes in a major way right now.\” says Fresch. \”I took my own approach to Ghetto House (in a more downtempo way) with \’Juicy Diner\’. After seeing how receptive my fans were to that approach, I decided I wanted to replicate it in another project. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was fully responsible for getting me into eighties music. After playing the game a couple months ago, I started to remix \’Obsession\’. An hour into the project it clicked. I knew it was the perfect time to repeat the process, and I had to bring in some Nate Dogg.\”

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