Ahead of its scheduled release, a leak of the top 3 winners from the DJ Mag 100 poll has been currently surfacing online, and it\’s quite surprising to see who the winners are. The DJ Mag poll amassed 750,000 votes, however, could have likely garnered much more but plenty of criticism was getting in the way. David Guetta even came out on Twitter and said it\’s not about the votes, but still ended up encouraging people to show their support… in a very awkward manner. However, without further adieu, here are the \”alleged\” leaked DJ Mag top 3 winners:

  1. Hardwell
  2. Armin van Buuren
  3. Avicii

The leak stems from a Facebook page dubbed \”big name EDM managers\”, however, its validity has not been confirmed nor denied, and DJ Mag has yet to comment on the alleged winners. The biggest question is, are the results surprising to you? Hardwell\’s been at the top of the game for a while now, Avicii\’s killing it radio wise, and Armin is still appealing to all the trance lovers. Be sure to share your thoughts on Facebook, or in the comments below.