\”I\’m trying to turn a shitty situation into something positive and educational,\” is exactly what DJ Tigerlily of Australia said after her nude Snapchat was leaked online. In a very moving Facebook post, Tigerlily spoke out against her invasion of privacy:

As you may or may not know, in the past 24 hours there has been some content of me spread online. I am a young…

Posted by Tigerlily on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Here\’s a short backstory: three weeks ago, Tigerlily jokingly \”flashed\” the camera in the background of a Snapchat video being filmed by her own photographer Alex. It was merely a joke.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Tigerlily said \”Alex did a couple of things to the Snapchat – she put it in black and white, she set it up the highest fast-forward speed possible and covered my private parts with squiggles and emojis. Before she posted it, she asked if I was fine with it, and I was completely OK – you could see nothing. I didn’t think twice about it.\”

In a twisted turn of events, Tigerlily found out that someone had saved the Snapchat video using an app, only to remove the emojis and squiggles, leaving her completely nude. The video was then distributed across the Internet.

“The video is – impressively – intact, and you can see everything,” she said. “I was shocked. I didn’t know that was possible.”

I like to try and think of myself as an advocate for women being themselves, embracing their bodies, their passions, speaking out. I didn’t want it to affect that.

Yet Tigerlily is taking this string of events in the most positive way possible: she plans to donate $5,000 to mental health charity Headspace. She has also opened a donations page, saying \”I felt that was the best thing I could do.\”

In light of recent events, I have decided to set up a fundraising account for headspace in order to support victims of…

Posted by Tigerlily on Thursday, March 24, 2016