Just two days ago, the news that Disclosure and AlunaGeorge were being sued for stealing lyrics went viral. The plaintiff claims that lyrics from \”White Noise,\” \”You & Me,\” \”Attracting Flies,\” and the super hit \”Latch,\” were all used without permission, and is asking for £200,000 in compensation.

Earlier today however, the two brothers put out a public statement on Facebook which refutes the claims of songwriter Katie Sopher. More importantly though, there is a hopeful hint in regards to the electronic duo\’s second album.

Read the full statement below

\”Hi all,

Just wanted to post a little something for our fans who may have read the blogs in the last couple of days and help clear up some speculation that has been circulating, to do with whether or not we wrote the lyrics to some of our songs.

Firstly we want to make it very clear that every Disclosure song we have put our names to has been written by us. We sometimes write lyrics and melodies along-side whoever the featured singer may be (i.e. Sam, Eliza etc) and the great Mr. Jimmy Napes, but that is it. When we do, we always make sure everyone gets proper credit. We take great pride in our self sufficiency, our work and the way we work, and it\’s incredibly frustrating when someone tries to take that away from us, by claiming we stole even one word or one note of our music from anyone.

We’d much rather be working on more music than commenting on these type of things, but it felt like we had no choice…

So, just to be clear, all allegations made against us to do with this subject are completely false, as anyone we have ever worked with will back up. We didn\’t get into this industry to steal other people\’s ideas and we haven’t – we are musicians, artists and producers.

In better news… Album 2 is niiiiicely underway! :)\”

via: FaceBook