Whether you were experiencing it live at Ultra, watching the live stream, or sitting in your car listening to Sirius XM, any given Ultra set was packed with IDs that kept us wanting more. And Dirty South\’s set was no exception.

Finished right before his performance on Saturday night and premiered on Sirius XM during his set, this untitled track parallels what we know and love about Dragan Roganovic. Dance elements and a beautiful melody coincide to bring us a song that redefines how we do Music Monday, and for those who couldn\’t be there to live the musical journey themselves, we got our hands on a live recording of it for you.

With the shooting for his next film \”Suburban Cowboy\” completed, along with the a promise that he\’s making new music for it, we can only assume that this is our first glimpse of Dirty South\’s upcoming project.

Stream his new track below:

Photo credit: Donslens