A little over a week ago, Diplo dropped his new track with Sleepy Tom titled \”Be Right There.\” Now, his brand new original track featuring TroyBoi and Nina Sky has been leaked. TroyBoi posted a video preview of the track to his Facebook page earlier this morning from his set at Orlando’s Life In Color event. Rest assured, a leak has surfaced, and now we can fully appreciate this collaboration.

\”Afterhours\” is a hard-hitting track with some impressive vocals. Nina Sky opens up the first verse with powerful melodies over a bass-heavy introduction. The drop hits with a strong trap vibe; hi hats and shakers make for a great addition to this funky tune. Over all, it\’s safe to say this track brings some crazy trap beats and bass banging goodness.

Diplo and TroyBoi killed it with this one. You can listen to the track below.