Diplo released an hour long mix themed for the World Cup. I mean it\’s pretty essential that one would put out a mix for the world cup, too bad the mix isn\’t an hour and a half so you could watch it while a game is on. Though I\’d assume that you would rather listen to the commentary. But that\’s besides the point, this is the perfect mix if you\’re planning on having a World Cup themed party. The mix has all of the tracks that are sure to get you moving and swaying your hips.This mix is super addictive and so much fun, honestly I couldn\’t sit still while listening to it. But I can never really sit still when I listen to Diplo\’s stuff, there\’s something about it that is simply irresistible and so groovy. (and I mean that in the way of my body is grooving rather than the 70\’s saying, but I guess it could go either way)

Maybe try playing Fifa and listening to this mix and pretend like you\’re there?