\”Money Sucks, Friends Rule\” is the simple yet powerful name of one of my favorite producer\’s debut album. Dillon Francis has blended some of his Moombahton roots with upbeat, smile-causing tracks to make a compilation of music he loves and I definitely recommend checking out his record.

Aside from all of the spirit-lifting tunes, I was a little upset when I heard \”Drunk All The Time,\” one Dillon\’s collaborations with Simon Lord that made the album cut. Don\’t get me wrong, it\’s a great song! I was just expecting to hear the monster track Dillon was playing live throughout the summer. ID after ID, \”Drunk All The Time\” was one of my most anticipated tracks of the future and definitely took his Spring Awakening set, one of the best of the weekend, to the next level. As soon as I picked up his album and heard the version that made it, I asked myself: there\’s gonna be a Rebirth, right?

Rest assured, Dillon is treating his fans on this wonderful (yet cold) Thursday afternoon with The Rebirth. If you aren\’t familiar with what that means, it\’s a label Dillon puts on his tracks that he reworks on his own and remixes. Usually set for a free download, Dillon keeps this trend alive by offering us the high-energy remix of \”Drunk All The Time\” for free. What\’s better than free music? Free pizza, maybe.

If you like what you hear, you can catch Dillon Francis tear up Chicago on December 5th. His new production is looking incredible and I\’m sure he\’s more than ready to get weird with us.

DOWNLOAD: \”Drunk All The Time (The Rebirth)\”

TICKETS: Dillon Francis @ The Aragon Ballroom (December 5, 2014)

PURCHASE: \”Money Sucks, Friends Rules\” (on iTunes)

Check out \”Drunk All The Time (The Rebirth)\” here: