Beginning on, November 17th, 2014, in Nashville, Tennessee, Dillon Francis began his Friends Rule Tour. The tour is in honor of his new album Money Sucks Friends Rule. Among the twenty six scheduled stops on his tour, Chicago was lucky enough to be one of them.

Last night, December 5th, 2014, Dillon Francis performed at Aragon Ballroom. Doors opened at 8 PM, followed by two openers, Hoodboi and Trippy Turtle.Dillon Francis came on at about 11:30 PM and ended around 1:30 AM. During that three hour span I enjoyed Dillon\’s awesome production, as well as, his outstanding track choice throughout the set.

The production of his set was impressive, especially the visual effects. He DJed upon a large structure with blue and purple geometric shapes with greenish yellow beams of light soaring across the crowd. All the lights used throughout his set were vibrant, and caught your eye.

Variation, is exactly how I would describe the music he played. Opening with a song from his new album, \’Not Butter\’ Dillon Francis ceased to amaze the crowd all night. He played songs off his album of course, hence the title of the tour, but he also dropped some insane remixes. Some of my favorite were, W&W-Bigfoot and You &I. He also remixed songs from Deadmau5, Flosstradamus, Troyboi, and a multitude of other artists.

After a hardcore dubstep track, Dillon lead into the trap section of his set, which seemed to be the crowds favorite.  I would say during the trap section he dropped it harder than I ever believed he could. The crowd just went insane the entire time. We also heard his play some moombahton, with his track Masta Blasta 2.0.

And it didn\’t stop there, the Chicago audience got the pleasure to listen to Dillon turn into his alter-ego DJ Hanzle. He definitely went \”von deepa\”, as he would say. One of my personal favorite parts was when he played, When We Were Young, and shot confetti into the crowd. The lights, the confetti, the venue, and of course the music were an amazing combination.

And for those of you who are wondering if he played one of his most popular songs, Get Low, he did, and he even added a remix of Get Low by Lil Jon after. He had such a versatile variety to his set, and at some points I was actually surprised for what I heard next. I was most definitely wishing he could keep playing when it came to a close.

In my opinion, I believe the well put together production, especially the visuals, and the variation of music displays the effort Dillon Francis put into this tour to ensure the crowd would love it.

I loved it, and I am sure the next thirteen stops will as well. Check out the \’Friends Rule Tour\’ trailer, and get your tickets now, so that you can be a part of one of Dillon\’s most impressive tours.