Eight years ago, three South African musicians got together to form one of the greatest rave groups to hit the scene. Die Antwoord, Afrikaans for \”The Answer\”, emerged with both a message to \”…be a good guide to help people get away…\” and a promise to \”disappear\” after their fifth album. Years later, the two rappers and enigmatic beatmonster are sticking to their pre-planned vision and emphasizing that by September 2017, they will be no more…or at least that was what we were being told as of late until Yolandi Visser, otherwise known as Prawn Star, came out to set the record straight.

Despite the ensuing awkwardness of the situation, Visser and Ninja both have dropped the scent on not only when we can expect their fifth album titled Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid, but also on an art project at the Museum of Contemporary Modern Art Africa (MOCAA) in Cape Town as well as another film, this one longer and more ambitious than their previously released short films. So, in case you were still confused, no Die Antwoord is not breaking apart, and yes, you can listen to their latest single down below and rest assured that they will continue raving for years to come.