Fresh off the massive success that was their 3-year anniversary festival, Mikey Lion, Marbs, Deep Jesus, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, and the rest of the Desert Hearts crew are ready to take \”House. Techno. Love\” on the road once again for their biyearly City Hearts Tour.

Last Summer, the sold out City Hearts tour hit six cities across the U.S. and Canada. This year, in addition to making stops in familiar cities like LA and Denver, the DH crew has more than doubled that number to 13 stops, expanding the tour to more cities in the US as well as south to Mexico for a New Year\’s Eve party that will be as intimate as it is primitive.

Branding their Mexican stop, \”Mayan Hearts\”, the DH crew will bring their tribal grooves to a remote jungle outside the ancient Mayan city, Tulum. In this setting, the philosophies on which Desert Hearts was founded will thrive. With the help of frequent DH DJs including Atish, Beduoin, Lum, Matthew Dekay, Nico Stojan, Nu, Oceanvs Orientals (Live), Sabo, and YokoO, Mayan Hearts will draw upon the music and the environment to usher in a new year of higher consciousness, greater peace, and enhanced understanding among the diverse people on the planet.

Desert Hearts founder, label boss, and top hat specialist, Mikey Lion, explains, “The entire point of our Desert Hearts Festivals, our City Hearts Tours, and now our Maya Hearts Gatherings are to spread as much love and positive energy as humanly possible. Through music, art, and self-expression, we aim to elevate a higher collective consciousness to create the best possible vibe on our dance floors.\”

The City Hearts tour kicks off December 5th in LA, and will come to Chicago on December 11th. Check out the rest of the dates below and buy tickets here\"CH_WinterIsComingTour-WEB\"