Wall panels have been a thing in construction for a while now. Some would argue that they’ve outdated and no longer fashionable but we beg to differ. Their reputation is still unscathed, and if you ask us, it’s going to remain like that for some time. After all, everything is better than having plain walls in your home. With panels, you can change the texture of your home, and improve your comfort vastly. The best part is that they can be used in every room in the house, from bathrooms to dining rooms to bedrooms.

You’re blessed if you already have wood wall panels or any other type of panels in your home. You don’t have to install new ones, but you can do a serious makeover. The options are limitless. Wall panels came into popularity because they offered so many options. With time those options have only increased. If we share similar ideas so far you’re better off checking out our five tips for decorating any room with wall panels. In this department of construction, the choices are not nearly limited.

Not only that they are not limited, but people with a lot of creativity are working on new ideas every day. The enthusiasts who share similar ideals as us and you can be found if you visit this website. Wood panels among all other panels still hold a very high place when it comes to building rooms, and decorating and redecorating them. We are free to say that it’s hard that the situation is going to change anytime soon. After all, wood is one of the noblest materials out there. Now, let’s see what your options with wall paneling are. You’re free to add some of your ideas in the comment section.


1. Go Simple – Go White

It doesn’t matter if you buy new wood panels or if you already have them on the wall. The thing is in most cases it comes in the natural color of the wood. While this color has some appeal, for the most part, you can make a great difference if you decide to color it. You wouldn’t believe how much freshness this move could bring to your room. But, trust us here, the wise move would be not to go overboard. No, don’t go with sparkling yellow or pink. That’s crazy. When it comes to wood, and wall panels there’s a certain appeal in the white color. You probably saw hundreds of homes in person or in the movies, when there are wood elements they’re painted white. We can’t simply explain it, but somehow it feels that it’s the way it should be.

2. Go Beyond The Walls

When it comes to the wall panels, people tend to focus only on the walls. But, you could go a bit further, right? Yes, that’s right, you can. This is an experiment best carried out in your bedroom which can be seen as the most private room in the house. Let’s say you want to cover the part of the wall behind the headrest of your bed. That’s fine, most people do it that way. But, why stop there? You can stretch your imagination and cover parts of the ceiling or the entire surface of it. While this might sound like some over-the-top action it’s not like that. This move is brilliant especially if your room lacks any other architectural or creative elements. Of course, let us not skip the safety part. If you’re going to use some heavy material, please make sure that all of the work is done by a professional. You don’t want anything falling on your bed while sleeping.


3. Go Horizontal

Horizontal is the new direction in panel decorating. Most people tend to do things vertically in this department. With not as many variants this move tends to get boring. It is an already seen approach. It’s bland. Instead, doing things horizontally should be the way. This is a move that first perfectly in smaller rooms. With horizontally added panels your room will get that wide look. If this is what you want to do, using whiteboards to stretch the space would be the get-go move. What’s even better, you don’t have to cover the entire room this way. Cover the lower one-third of it, and paint the rest a color of contrast. This way, you will not only add space to the place, but you’ll also make it more playful.

4. Complicate Matters

As you noticed, we tend to go for the simpler look. But, that’s not always the right move. While white will do wonders for wood panels, it’s not the only color of choice. No, you can mix it up. The color panels are vast and many combinations are available. Also, not every room is the same. If you’re doing the panels in your kitchen you can go for a darker shade of pink to soothe the cooking atmosphere better. Ochre is a color to; a color that embodies cooking better than any other color does. What about that orange shade of pumpkins? Yes, panels can be painted differently, all you need to do is make a selection. As we said, not every room is the same, and focusing only on the color of the wood and the white is not the direction everyone must take.


5. Combine Things

When it comes to decorations, texture matters. It’s not always necessary to use only one material. Yes, the combinations could be limitless. As one could already tell you, wood and bricks get well together. There’s no shame in pairing a plain brick wall with a set of wooden panels. This is a brilliant idea, which is easily doable. This is a perfect atmosphere for a bedroom or your patio. You can combine it both on the inside and the outside. What you get out of it is the feeling of coziness which is something all of us seek in our homes. The best part is that you can use both the horizontal and the vertical approach when it comes to pairing bricks and boards.