As if the man was not already making headline news in the dance music world, we have some more mau5 news for you.

While battling copyright issues against the tyrannic Disney company, Joel Zimmerman, best known as Deadmau5, has been keeping himself busy outside of the lawsuit. What you may ask, does Joel enjoy doing other than composing music and (apparently) wearing giant Mickey Mouse ears?

Joel likes to go fast. We\’ve seen this in multiple occasions; whether he\’s sporting his new McLaren 650s or going on coffee runs with industry pals, it seems that Deadmau5 can never stand still. After getting rid of his beloved Ferrari 458, Japanese auto maker Nissan has teased a GTR customized to Joel\’s tastes.

The GTR (nicknamed \”Godzilla\”) is one of the most iconic Nissan models and that\’s for a valid reason: the thing is a beast. Joel himself said the GTR has the \”most whip for the buck.\”

He then posted a photo on Instagram of what seems to be a loaned Nissan GTR.


It seems that Joel took Nissan\’s offer and is giving the GTR a chance. Will he extend his coffee run series in the new ride? He has also already come up with a name for it: the \”OMFGtr.\”