Deadmau5 performs with Colleen D\'Agostino (not shown) during the 2015 Juno Awards in Hamilton, Ont., on Sunday, March 15, 2015. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette)

Joel Zimmerman, otherwise known as Deadmau5, is notorious for always giving his 2 cents on Twitter, more recently sharing a distaste for former colleague Skrillex\’s latest work. However, it seems that Deadmau5 isn\’t always able to speak his mind via the social networking site.

In a recent Twitch stream where Zimmerman was discussing a movie and the ratings, the mau5trap head-honcho began to explain that he hasn\’t been happy with Skrillex, not for personal reasons, but because Zimmerman believes that Skrillex has been used as \”a tool\” for Bieber in Bieber\’s recent album, \”Purpose\”. He then goes on to essentially discredit Bieber, saying that he isn\’t a true artist compared to people who compose and create entire packages themselves instead of it being handed to them. He also explains that he doesn\’t always like to go in-depth via Twitter, because it would look like he\’s doing too much over a series of tweets.

Regardless on your views of deadmau5, or Skrillex, or Justin Bieber, Zimmerman makes some really interesting points, and I can\’t help but see where he\’s coming from. Check out the 7-minute clip where Zimmerman goes in-depth below.

\”No it\’s not your fucking album.. it\’s Skrillex\’s fucking album.\” – Deadmau5, 2015