deadmau5 new music 2017

Electronic music has made its way into the National Hockey League. Yes, you read that right. Proud Canadian and legend in his own right, Deadmau5, has produced a celebratory anthem for the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Centennial Home Opener this past Saturday, October 15th.

When asked how the collaboration came to life, Deadmau5 shared with, “I got an e-mail from management asking if I would consider doing it and I was like heck yeah.”

The new release showcases Deadmau5’s extraordinary talents as a versatile producer as he combines elements of his own signature style with crowd-friendly beats and energy-stirring electro-sounds that proved to be more than suitable for the Maple Leafs\’ 100 year celebration.

The Mau5trap head further explained of the track, “I knew I had to do something that was palatable and worked for the crowd and also lend itself to some audience participation. These thoughts all formed in my head before I even sat down.”

Watch the debut of Toronto’s newest favorite song, “Professional Cat Thruster”, here.