Amidst all of the commotion this past week regarding the U.S. and North Korea, one of our favorite duos decided to give us a rather goofier take on all of the international drama.

Swedish duo Dada Life, known to have some of the craziest live performances and great feel-good tracks, have put a twist to an already successful track of theirs. Born To Rage saw the spotlight in 2013 as it became one of their most popular tunes; in the original, the main vocals of the track chant \”U.S.A, you were born to rage so come on!\” In order to reach a global audience, the duo released different versions of the song that included different country names. What better moment than now to release the North Korean version? Everyone could use a little fun.

Check out the original music video here:

\”In the spirit of giving and in relation to some people not being able to have fun, the great nation of Dada Land wanted to finally release a previously banned version of their song \’Born To Rage\’… enjoy ;)\” – Dada Life

Here it is! Check out this updated version of Born To Rage, free of charge. No oppression here; just a sense of humor and some uplifting beats.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Dada Life – Born To Rage (North Korea Version)