Cryptocurrencies have been with us for some time now, but many people are still skeptical about their usage and avoid getting into this whole new world. The reasons they mention for not using digital money are numerous, and we can hear various ones. Some people are used to fiat money, and keeping all their money in their wallets, so they can always know how much they have. On the other side, others are scared about high volatility and are convinced that they could lose a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Luckily, there are more people who see all the advantages that digital money has to offer, and because of that, more and more of them are starting to use it instead of fiat money. They have a lot of benefits, and using them is not as complicated as many people think, and it is certain that they will be with us for a long time. However, there are some things that every new trader should know in order to be able to trade them safely, avoid common mistakes, and learn how to recover from them when necessary. Because of that, we will give you some tips in the text below, and we hope that they will be useful not only for new traders but also for those who have some experience.

1. Choosing the trading platform


One of the most important things for every trader is choosing a reliable trading platform, which can also be the most difficult thing because there are too many of them online. Many of them are not reliable, and using them can easily turn you into the victim of a scam, which can result in losing all of your funds in only a few seconds. Because of that, proper research is a must, and reading the reviews written by other users can be pretty useful, but it requires a lot of time. Luckily, we have a solution for people who do not have enough time to do their research, and we can recommend to them the platform that is proven to be safe. If you are one of them, all you need to do is visit, and you are ready to start trading in a few minutes without any worries.

2. Buying cryptos

One of the most common mistakes in a crypto world is buying any of them when their price is low and waiting for it to increase to gain some profit by selling them. In the ideal world, it is a great strategy, and it should work, but when it comes to a crypto world, nothing is certain, and no one can guarantee that the price will increase instead of decreasing even more. Regarding that, it is crucial to check why the price is so low and think twice before the final decision. In most cases, new currencies have a low price because their developers are not happy with their progress, so they simply abandon that project and move on to the next one.

3. Making a transaction


Making a transaction is pretty easy, as all you should know is the wallet’s address of the receiver, and you can transfer the funds in a minute. But, there are some safety measures that one needs to take, as not taking them can lead to severe mistakes that cannot be fixed. First of all, it is a much better idea to copy/paste the address than to enter it manually, as you can easily misspell it and send funds to the wrong person. Even when it is copied, it is always necessary to double-check if everything is written properly to make sure that funds are going to the right address. When a transaction is finished, it is impossible to change anything and get your funds back if there was some mistake. When it comes to higher amounts of cryptos that need to be transferred, it is always the best solution to start with the smaller amount, make sure everything is okay, and send the rest after that.

4. Protecting the wallet

Cryptos are also kept in the wallet, which is not much different than the one we use for the fiat money, instead of the fact that it does not contain physical money inside. There are two types of wallets, cold ones that we can carry with us to store money, and they do not need an internet connection until we want to make a transaction, and hot ones that are usually a program or application and need the internet connection all the time. No matter which type you decide to use, it is crucial to protect your wallet since it is the only way to protect the funds kept inside. The silliest yet most common and serious mistake is forgetting the wallet’s password. It usually leads to not having access to the funds in the wallet and basically not having them at all. Although using the same password might sound like a good idea, it is not, and it is much better to choose a complicated password, write it down, and keep it in a safe place. Besides that, enabling multi-factor authentication is a must, and it can be helpful if you forget the password.

5. Crypto jargon


There are various terms used in the crypto world, and sometimes they can be pretty difficult for new traders to understand. However, learning them is a must because not understanding them can lead to serious mistakes and losing money instead of gaining profit. Although it might look challenging, it is necessary to set aside enough time to understand and learn them before starting a crypto journey.

To summarize

Although the crypto market seems too confusing and complicated for regular people, the truth is different, and everyone can learn how to trade cryptos in order to gain some profit. However, there are some common mistakes that one should be aware of because avoiding them and knowing how to recover from them means the difference between losing and earning some money. It is not the reason for being afraid to enter the crypto market, and with enough research and learning, everything would be much easier.