jaw lock

Crwth and Mursa teamed up to bring us the deviously dark and haunting bass single, “Jaw Lock” featuring Dyvon. The pair got together and planted an evil seed, and the ghoulish and hard-hitting “Jaw Lock” was born from the depths.

The single features a booming mix of rap vocals courtesy of Dyvon and dubstep beats a la Crwth and Mursa. The pair work together effortlessly, as the track truly elevates both of their respective strengths.


Cameron Mayo is the man behind Mursa. His sound can be best described as a dark, grimy, bass-filled sound. Mursa constantly strives to push boundaries within the musical realm proving that he is more than just your one trick pony. Crwth is the digital cartoon moniker of Alex La Rosa, who birthed the project through the state of a breakup. So much more about Crwth is yet to be revealed, as his universe is just beginning to form before our eyes.

Stream “Jaw Lock” below and definitely be sure to check the full-length music video as well.