You will require a number of video advertisements, from explainer and promotional videos to case studies and demonstrations, to accomplish your video marketing targets. There are numerous varieties of video advertisements that you may create for marketing your business.

From how-to to case studies, explainers, and beyond – the options are almost limitless. Furthermore, for every video kind that you may create, there are many distinct ways from which you can approach it and distribute your creations.

You will require a range of video ad formats to suit various demands to accomplish the goals established in your video marketing strategies. You can lead potential customers from awareness to choice throughout their path, all by using a video ad maker such as InVideo to craft appealing ads.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 9 ways that can help you in crafting quality online video adverts and propelling your business to success.

9 Thoughtful Ways to Craft Online Video Ads

1. Explainer Videos Ads


Explainer video ads (also referred to as product explainer adverts) are a helpful format to explain complex goods or services and raise brand recognition. They usually look into how the product addresses an issue at a high level.

Because they are high-level, videos that explain need not be useful to display the real product or service, meaning that animation is a common option for this ad theme.

Explainer videos have the potential to be shared content assets, and therefore they are committed and attempt to emotionally connect with viewers.

For each vertical or product line you provide, explainer videos have the potential to perform well. With these, you don’t seek to sell or pitch, but rather describe an issue that your consumers know about.

2. ‘How to’ Video Adverts


One of the most popular kinds of instructional films, videos how to teach anything to the audience. These step-by-step lessons may be educational and amusing. Since search engine queries are very diverse, providing video content that answers them (and optimizing them) is an excellent method to rank on SERPs. Consider producing such a video to address significant consumer questions in your business domain.

3. Promotional videos (a.k.a. Hype or Teaser Videos)


Many businesses already have text-based marketing assets – like reports or guides – to promote themselves. However, an entertaining video comes in handy to encourage more downloads and is one of the greatest methods to maximize the benefits of these textual advert materials. Promotional adverts may work for major events, virtual conferences, and more.

4. Adverts Establishing Thought Leadership

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The aim of thought leadership videos is to offer a unique viewpoint in order to create confidence and a follow-up. These videos must be genuine and concentrate on a viewpoint. It is crucial to share knowledge and to start a discussion.

5. Webinars and Webinars Recorded


Most businesses use webinars as digital events with virtual participants who registered beforehand to view the session (generating a lead for the company).

Pre-recorded webinars may be planned for a certain day and time like regular webinars. Or you may just put them on the website of a company, whether they are on your landing page, in a resource center, or in a blog post.

If you plan new webinars, consider how you intend to reuse them. If you desire brief videos, you may build your webinar to be converted into bite-sized video snippets that can be utilized in continuous content marketing campaigns.

By building strategic topics—for example, by mapping each inquiry on a specific trip a buyer has with your product—this advertising format may serve as the ideal step for the customer’s journey.

6. Video Adverts demonstrating Case Studies (a.k.a. Customer Stories or Testimonial Videos)


Perhaps one of the most essential video genres in your library are case study films. A lot of B2B buyers will explore your website for client testimonials.

A testimonial is the signature of other companies’ approval and the ideal method to demonstrate how your solution fits into many sectors, how it solves customer issues, and how you go above and beyond (including after-sales) to achieve the success of your customers.

Never underestimate the power of B-roll when creating a testimonial film, ask leading questions vs conventional ones, and always discover methods to make your client a hero of the narrative.

7. Company/Brand Culture Video Adverts


Brand and cultural video advertisements inform your viewers about your brand and what you are standing for. You have a chance to have fun and to be creative in your cultural advertorial video. Holiday, recruitment videos, about us, and business culture may all belong into this category on online video ads.

8. Video demonstrations


Similar to videos, demo videos show how your product or service really functions. However, since they appear later in the marketing funnel, they need to be more comprehensive about certain features and functionalities.

Product demonstration films show consumers the value of your product instead of simply informing them. This could include unpacking films in the retail sector or other places with actual goods which display packaging and product, telling prospective consumers what to anticipate.

Your audience should always nod with you—your objective is to show them that you comprehend their world.

9. Custom video Adverts


A personalized video introduces the audience to the narrative by weaving unique information into the movie for each individual viewer. Custom video messages may raise response rates, amaze consumers and help your company get ahead of the competition.


The options to create a video advert for your organization are immense. Start by selecting several forms which you believe work well for your brand and your narrative, then test how your audience responds.

Do more, try new things, mix and match various styles and kinds in order to discover something that matches your vision – and helps you achieve your marketing aims.

These ways are only the starting point for ways you can advertise your film. There are innumerable other ideas for film advertising to research. The only thing to remember is to be innovative.

Our last recommendation is that you make sure to start early, create industry contacts and consistently build your network.

In this way, you already know whom to contact and where and how you will get the message out when you have something to share. Finally, always have another script at your disposal and ready to go when you receive that important call!