There is no perfect formula when using a video creator to produce a video to promote your brand or business. However, there are vital ingredients that you must have to increase your chances of success. What they are, along with more tips on creating a marketing video, will be discussed in this article.

Identify Your Purpose

When making a marketing video, identifying the purpose must always be the first step. Knowing why you want to make the video, helps you produce one that will effectively deliver your desired results. Once you know the purpose, you can then pick the right video creator to use.

Source: Small Business Community Association

Choose the Right Video Creator

As mentioned, you want to choose the best online video maker. There are many video-making applications you can use such as Clipchamp and, which are both excellent video makers. It is a good idea to try a few to see if it has the features you need. When you find the right video creator, you can proceed with producing content.

Create Authentic Content

Customers are already tired of the usual sales pitches, so you should keep your video content authentic and more personal. A marketing video provides a good chance to showcase your strengths. It’s crucial to create a video that allows you to connect to your target customers on a personal level.

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Repurpose Top Content

It’s expensive to invest in something you are not sure will work. It’s proven more efficient to repurpose profitable blog content, which can possibly become popular in a video format. You can use any piece of content, as long as it’s easily digestible, can be condensed, and used with visuals or graphics.

Use Content from Customers

Another way to obtain content to turn into video is getting them from your customers. You can do this by doing surveys, obtaining user activity from analytics, through feedback boxes, or by asking them directly. Once you get the content for your video, don’t forget to write a script so you don’t ramble.


Optimize for SEO

SEO is as important in video marketing the same way it does in content marketing. Keywords are also vital, especially in the title and description. Besides these, you want it to be mobile-friendly. Of course, don’t forget to optimize it for Google search, include URL, and upload it to the right platform.

Create Attention-Grabbing Video

Now it’s time for you to get into making the video. Depending on the video creator you use, you can take advantage of a variety of features.  Common features include adding text to video, trimming and cropping, changing the aspect ratio, adding filters, and a library of stock sounds and videos so make sure to visit if you aren’t sure which video maker to use.

With these, you can turn a raw video into something more polished and professional. They help you improve the video’s quality without spending a fortune on equipment. Some of the tips to help you with these include:

  • Using plenty of light in proper places to create the effect you need.
  • Choosing a deliberate background that isn’t messy or distracting.
  • Never filming with a reflective surface in the background to avoid catching the camera’s reflection.
  • Keeping your editing style clean and simple without unnecessary effects.
  • Never use shaky footage and instead, cut to another shot when you need to change perspective.
  • Taking advantage of the rule of thirds, which tell you the best place to focus on when taking a shot.
  • Shooting from different angles, which serves as a great way of adding visual interest to your video.
  • Working on your camera presence by practicing to improve how you can connect with your customers.
Source: Medium

Create teaser videos

Teaser videos or pre-launch videos are a very good strategy to get the audience’s attention even before the whole project is over. It may take you a long time to create an entire video, during which time customers and the general market will forget about you. And that would be very disastrous for you, because you would have to build a reputation from scratch.

To avoid this and stay relevant even before launching the video, you need to create and post a teaser. It is a very short video, which can last from just a few seconds to half a minute maximum and will create huge hype about your upcoming project or product. People love mysteries and when they don’t know exactly what to expect. You can also organize a giveaway whose winner will be the one who guesses what the teaser is intended for.

Prioritize Audio Quality

Crisp, clear audio is even more important than video quality. As such, it’s a good idea to invest in good equipment such as a microphone. It’s a good thing there are decent options in the market perfect for a small business with a tight budget. Customers are often willing to listen to a video even if it’s a little grainy, so the audio quality is a priority. Just think what it’s like when you watch a video. It is not necessary for the resolution to be 4k, you will often watch a video with a significantly lower resolution. Still, have you ever continued to watch a video where you can’t properly hear conversation, music, and more? We bet you closed that video after 10 seconds max.

Source: VTREP

Use Your Promo Video Wisely

Using a good video creator, optimizing for SEO, investing in excellent audio equipment, and taking care of creating an attention-grabbing video is great. But what you can’t forget is to use the video wisely. You can do this by posting it on a wide range of marketing channels, from your website to your email letters.

Promoting Brand through Video

A video is one of the quickest ways to promote your brand and business online. Facebook video statistics alone show millions of people watch videos all the time. You can’t miss not leveraging this huge advantage. There is no other way where with a limited budget that every small business has you can reach such a larger number of potential customers. This will increase brand awareness, which is key to the future success of the entire business. Good thing you can easily make that happen with a free video creator.