While hair loss can have a significant impact on an individual’s self-esteem, there is hope. An increasingly popular solution to this problem is the use of hair systems, which are non-surgical and cost-effective solutions to this common aesthetic issue.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by myriad factors, including hormones, medications, and genetics. Age is another one of the primary causes of loss. As men and women age, they experience various stages of thinning called male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Other factors that may contribute include poor nutrition or diet, certain medical conditions such as diabetes or lupus, stress, and even color treatments on the hair.

The Benefits of Hair Systems


Firstly, Systems are highly convenient as they can be attached and taken off using simple steps. Furthermore, they come pre-styled so there is no need for extra time and money spent on styling or extra visits to the salon. Additionally, Hair Systems help save money in the long run as they come in more economical packages than other treatments. As these pieces are made from synthetic material, they are also highly durable which ensures that any investment made remains good for years to come.

Furthermore, pieces can be used to create virtually any hairstyle imaginable with little effort—giving users control over how they look each day. An added advantage is that these systems often hold their shape better against wind and weather—saving users from having to go through the process of re-styling multiple times throughout the day. Finally, wearing a Hair System can help avoid damage done by excessive use of chemicals such as dyes and harsh styling products and tools like blow dryers or curlers.

Different Types of Systems


The two main types of systems are synthetic and human hair. Synthetic systems are made from fiber that is designed to imitate human hair. Though these systems require less maintenance than human hair units, they typically do not last for long periods of time and can look artificial.

Toupees or wigs are made from real human hair that has been specially selected by the manufacturer for texture, quality, and color tone matching with the individual’s own existing scalp hairs. These units usually require more frequent styling but offer a much more natural appearance that can be maintained for extended periods of time.

For added versatility, there are also options like lace frontals which cover just the front area of the head with a lace netting delivering a more subtle appearance suitable for activities like swimming or playing sports while still reaching your desired finished look with fewer hours spent in styling and application time. However, they are more delicate than standard toupees or wigs so they may require extra care to keep them lasting longer periods of time.

What about the price?


The initial cost of a hair system depends on the type of system you choose. These systems range from basic to luxurious, but all incorporate natural-looking human hair blended with realistic fibers matched to your preferred style, color, and density. Costs can range anywhere from several hundred dollars up to several thousand depending on the quality of the construction materials used in designing and creating the hairpiece or toupee.

However, savings over time should be expected due to no longer having to pay for styling services, coloring services, or other treatments required when using real hair options such as extensions. Additionally, depending on your desired style changes they may only need small tweaks versus full restyles at a much lower cost than a real hairstyle would be.



Hair systems essentially act like real hair, so they require proper care. Washing your system once a week with a mild shampoo prevents sweat and other environmental debris from clogging the base and pores of the scalp. Once shampooed, avoid strong air drying or brushing; instead, pat it dry with a towel and then use a light-hold hairspray for styling. Sulfate-free shampoos are also recommended as they are gentler on the strands.

Avoid hand washing the scalp area while wearing or installing your system; this can cause excessive sweat which will damage its lifespan and reduce its effectiveness. You should also wash all components of your system regularly to remove oils from products used in installation (such as silicone adhesive) which will prevent buildup from forming on its base.

Finally, take time out of each day for a thorough inspection of all components of your system including its base (look for trapped dirt or oils), strands (for knots), and adhesive (for breakage).

Alternatives to Hair Systems


Minoxidil and Propecia/Finasteride are two FDA-approved medications that have been proven to help men regrow hair. Minoxidil is available over the counter, while Propecia/Finasteride requires a doctor’s prescription. Additionally, there is a range of creams, lotions, and shampoos, as well as topical injections that claim to help regrow hair, although most of them lack clinical evidence backing up their efficacy.

Transplants are another option; these involve surgically removing existing hair from donor sites – usually at the sides or back of the scalp – and transplanting them into balding areas to increase coverage. This procedure is extremely expensive and requires specialized training on behalf of the surgeon performing it; it also requires multiple sessions so it can be very time-consuming. Transplants do produce excellent results in many cases but are often cost-prohibitive for many individuals considering this option.


In conclusion, systems can offer a reliable long-term solution for hair loss that can produce natural, realistic results at a cost that is affordable for most. The availability of options and the variety of quality systems that are now available provide peace of mind by providing a guarantee of satisfaction and security.

By selecting quality custom-made systems with features like durable construction, effective ventilation, and realistic textures and colors, individuals can rest assured knowing their investment will last for years to come. They can offer a significant way to improve one’s lifestyle in terms of self-esteem, confidence levels, and overall mental health.