Clothing is one of the first things people see when they meet us. It can make a statement about who we are, and it can affect the way others interact with us. In fact, did you know that different colors can have an impact on our moods and daily lives? In this article, we will discuss the effects of different colors in clothing, and how you can use this information to improve your life!


What is color psychology?

Color psychology is the study of how colors affect our moods and behaviors. It is a relatively new field, but it has already helped us to better understand how colors can impact our lives. For example, did you know that the color blue is often associated with calm and relaxation? This is because blue has a calming effect on the nervous system. On the other hand, the color red is often associated with excitement and energy. This is because red increases heart rate and blood pressure.

History of color psychology

The field of color psychology has its roots in ancient times. For example, the Roman Emperor Constantine is said to have used colors to influence his troops before battle. In the Middle Ages, colors were used to signify different social classes. For example, blue was often associated with the aristocracy, while brown and black were associated with the working class. In England during Tudor period red was a color that only the aristocracy could wear.

Today, color psychology is used in a variety of fields, including marketing, design, and even medicine. For example, some hospitals are now using color psychology to create more calming environments for patients. This is because studies have shown that certain colors can help to reduce stress and anxiety.


Black color in clothing

Black is a popular color for clothing. It is seen as a color of strength, power, and mystery. In fact, many people choose to wear black when they want to feel more confident and in control. Black color in clothing is also used by younger people to look more serious and grown-up. However, black can also be associated with some negative connotations. For example, black is can be associated with death, darkness, and evil.

Black is also a very classic color to go for when you are attending an elegant event, for example, an evening at the opera. Let’s not forget Coco Chanel’s famous little black dress! Black clothing has thinning effect that a lot of people enjoy, it also has a forgiving nature – it is harder to see accidental spills and other imperfections. Black is one of the most universal colors that everyone can look good in with the right fit and accents.

White color in clothing

White is often seen as a positive color, as it is associated with purity, innocence, and peace, as well as with tidiness, order, and minimalism. White is definitely one of the summer colors, as it reflects lots of light and keeps people cool. That is why white cotton t-shirts, linen blouses and shirts are so popular during the summer season.

White clothing is also practical because it is easy to match with other colors. It is also seen as a very clean and fresh color. White clothing can help you look more competent and professional but only if you wear white just on your top, for example, a blouse or a shirt.

In some Eastern cultures white is considered a mourning and funereal color, so when traveling, be sure to check out the destination country’s history and traditions.


Blue color in clothing

Blue is often seen as a calm and relaxing color. It is associated with the sky, the ocean, and tranquility. Blue is a color that represents loyalty and stability.

Blue is a very popular color for clothing, especially in a business setting – it is seen as a professional and competent color. You can see lots of dark blue suits in the bank, broker’s office, or court. Blue clothing can help you look more trustworthy and dependable.

Blue has different shades that are perceived differently – dark blue or navy color is associated with steadiness, while light blue or baby blue is a more gentle color. It is a great color to wear in summer and in winter and it will have a calming and relaxing effect on you and other people.

Green color in clothing

Green is associated with nature, the environment, and good health, as well as with new beginnings. It is also seen as a calming color and it has a positive effect on our mental state. Green clothing can help you feel more relaxed and at ease.

Green is a good color to wear to an office as it is very easy on the eyes (good for people who spend a lot of time behind a computer screen) and is associated with abundance. Dark green is seen as a more serious and formal color, while light green is more playful and casual. Dark green or emerald green is also perfect for classy evening attire. Paired with gold and black accents you will look chic and majestic.

If you want to wear green clothing but you are not sure what color to match it with, a good rule of thumb is to pair it with other earth tones, such as brown or beige. You can also wear green with black or white for a more classic look.


Red color in clothing

Red is a very powerful color that is often associated with energy, strength, and passion. It is also the color of love and romance. Red clothing can help you feel more confident and bold.

Red is a great color to wear when you want to make an impression or stand out from the crowd. It is also perfect for special occasions, such as a date or a party. If you are looking to make a statement, red is the color for you!

However, it is best to wear red to the minimum in the office or other professional settings. Red can be considered vulgar, overwhelming, and even aggressive. If you really love the red tones, then a good choice for an office is to go darker, for example, opt for a burgundy dress or jacket instead of bright red clothing.

Yellow color in clothing

Yellow is often seen as a happy and positive color. It is associated with the sun, warmth, and happiness. Yellow clothing can help you feel more optimistic and cheerful.

Yellow is also a great color to wear when you want to be noticed – it is very eye-catching and attention-grabbing. However, it is best to avoid wearing yellow if you are looking for a more serious and professional look as yellow is associated with youth, carefreeness, and instability.


Orange color in clothing

Orange is a very vibrant and energetic color. It is often associated with excitement, adventure, and enthusiasm. Orange clothing can help you feel more lively and vivacious. Orange is also often used to grab our attention, so if that is what you are looking for – orange is your color!

It is best to avoid wearing orange in formal or professional settings as it can be considered too playfully or frivolous. However, if you want to bring the orange into your office outfits, you can always choose to wear orange in small doses, for example, in scarf, earrings, or other accessories.

Brown color in clothing

Brown is a very natural and earthy color. It is often associated with nature, stability, and dependability. Brown clothing can help you feel more grounded and connected to the earth.

Brown is also a great color to wear if you are looking for a more serious and formal look. It is often seen as a very sophisticated color. However, it is best to avoid wearing brown in the summer as it can make you look washed out.

Pairing brown with other earth tones, such as green or beige, is always a good choice. You can also wear brown with black or white for a classic look. Brown is a color that doesn’t stand out on its own, so it is perfect for balancing out more vibrant or lighter colors in clothing.


Choosing a color for your clothing

When choosing what color to get your clothing in, consider what suits you. For example, if earthy beige tones really suits you, get items that go closer to your face in this color. And on the contrary, for example, if you really like orange, but it doesn’t suit you at all, choose orange for bottoms or as small accents.

It is also good to know that classical colors like black and white will make any clothing look more sophisticated even a plain or printed custom t-shirt. (Click here to learn more about custom print on demand t-shirts.) Bright colors, like yellow and green, will make any clothing garment more fun and playful. Red, however, will bring out the passion and draw attention no matter what the clothing item is.


It is good to be aware of how colors can impact our daily lives. Colors can influence our moods, emotions, and even our behavior. So the next time you are getting dressed for the day, take a moment to notice what color you are drawn to, how that might impact your day and how you can use colors to make the day go the way you want it to!