When talking about having talent in multiple dance music genres, Henry Steinway is to be brought up often. Also known as RL Grime, Steinway has paved the road in the modern \’trap\’ genre, blending heavy hip-hop beats with dance music energy. His second act is dedicated to his progressive and electro tastes.

Clockwork has clearly shown us the potential in one man; Steinway is able to manage both names, have separate tour dates, and put out completely different styles. His music produced under the name Clockwork boasts the genuine electro sound, full of energy that gets dance floors rowdy.

His new track, being released March 25th on Dim Mak, keeps his style intact; it contains a familiar electro synth with punchy kicks that will get the crowd moving. Add in a catchy melody and you have Champion.

There really isn\’t anything Steinway can\’t do. His success with RL Grime and Clockwork can be easily recognized; he is indeed a dance music champion.

Listen to the preview here: