Several people consume coffee daily, which is why this industry is one of the most competitive. So, for any cafe to stand out in this competition, you must deliver your clients the most delicious coffee. The best way to do this is to get great quality roasted coffee beans. The beans you buy are crucial in making or breaking your business.

In today’s time, subscription services have become popular, and you can get the best beans delivered to your doorstep. With the best coffee subscription, you can try out new coffees shipped to you every month, biweekly or weekly. You can easily pick how much and how often you need them. Meanwhile, check out this guide below on how to choose the perfect beans.

Check The Quality Of The Beans

Believe it or not, well, coffee beans have grades. The classification of these grades depends on their quality. When it comes to screening the beans, it can be a demanding and long process. So, one question you must ask as a cafe owner is how these beans are graded. Well, let’s check out the different grades:


Specialty Grade

This one is the highest grade of coffee beans. These beans have a score above 80 on a one-hundred-point scale. The reason behind their highest quality is that they are grown, harvested, and of course, processed very carefully. It ensures that the unique flavor of these beans is preserved.

Premium Grade

The second great quality of beans is the premium grade. These are also of fine quality; however, their flavor is not that exceptional when compared to special grades. But that does not mean it is not of good taste. On the one hundred point scale, these beans stand between 75 and 79.


Exchange Grade

These are known as commercial-grade coffee. These beans meet the standards that are set by the ICE intercontinental exchange. The exchange-grade beans are generally used for large-scale production.

Standard Grade

It is of lower quality as compared to the exchange grade, and it is widely used for instant coffee.


These are defective beans and do not meet the standard quality of the grades. Off-grade are used to make blends.


Learn About The Origin

When looking for the perfect beans for your cafe, you must also check where these beans are imported from. There are several regions, and each one has a distinct flavor. Also, each grower adds a twist, and in addition to that, most producers also have a different style when it comes to brewing.

If you want to opt for a sweeter taste, then you should look at South America. However, Central American coffee should be your first bet if your customer prefers a less fruity taste. For strong and acidic coffee, Africa is the perfect region.

When it comes to different tastes and brands of beans, every person has a different taste. However, when you have your cafe, you must be aware of different regions, how coffee tastes, etc. There are chances that you might end up with a low-grade quality if you do not check the location from where they are coming from.

The Roasting Process

When you get in touch with the beans providers, always remember to ask them about their roasting process. It might look like not an important aspect, but it is. If you want your coffee to be of the best quality, you must know about their roasting process. A person who is responsible for roasting is known as Toaster.

The Toaster must be trained, and to get the best flavor, they must have experience too. After all, roasting is not everyone’s cup of tea! It is a whole process that requires sorting, cooling, and packaging the grains.

Another important aspect is to know which type of roasting is used. For example, there are different types of roasting:

  • Clear: This process produces higher acidity.
  • Light: In Light roasting, the coffee has an acidic touch, and the caffeine level is high.
  • Average American: This method is common, and it is used in several homes and establishments or at home.
  • Dark: This type of roasting produces a coffee with higher sweetness and less bitterness.

One important factor to remember is that if the beans are roasted longer, they will be sweet. And if they are roasted for a shorter time, they will be higher in acidity.


What Is A Perfect Cup Of Coffee?

You know how to select the beans for your cafe, but what factor makes a cup of coffee perfect? Let’s check out.

Acidity: You have read above some roasted beans have higher acidity. But what is this acidity? Well, it is the sharpness of a coffee. When one takes a sip, the way the flavor hits the edge of the tongue is known as the acidity. It is vital to have a good balance of acidity.

Aroma: Any coffee lover will tell you that it is not only about the taste, but it is about the aroma too. A good aromatic coffee can create a mouthwatering experience.

Body: It is basically how the coffee feels in the mouth. Most base of coffee is water; however, there are coffees that, when you drink, you might feel like drinking a cup of milk. So, there should be a balance between the beans, milk and water.

Roast: As you have seen above, how much time the beans are roasted affects the flavor. So, to serve a perfect cup, you must know what your customer likes. Do they want a dark blend or a light one?


Summing up, it is not that difficult to select the best wholesale coffee beans for your cafe. You only have to select the best quality and be knowledgeable about different types of beans and coffee-making processes.


Of course, remember the most important factor is your customer’s preference. Remember that your product quality depends on the quality of your beans. So, always opt for a reliable wholesaler; to ensure regular supply, you can always opt for an affordable subscription.