Travel is a wonderful opportunity to not only explore different places, cultures, and people but also to be exposed to varying causes that need support. It can be overwhelming when considering where your money or donations should go and it is important to do your research before making a decision. With the right information, you can make an impactful donation that’ll have lasting effects on those who receive it even after you’ve completed your travels.

Researching Potential Causes

Doing research into the causes you may want to support should be an important part of your planning process. It is important to understand the issue or area of impact that you care about and why it matters. Do your research and look for reputable charities, not-for-profits, or organizations that focus on the issues in engaged and meaningful ways before committing.

Here are some questions to consider when researching potential causes:

  • What is the track record of a particular organization? Review their website, financials, and any available impact studies or case studies.
  • Who are the beneficiaries & how well do you think an organization’s services address the need in question? Have a conversation with a local person who’s involved in this space & make sure language translations/cultural nuances are taken into consideration.
  • How involved would you like to be? Would you prefer to provide meaningful hands-on mentorship, make a one-off monetary donation, invest in something business related, or simply vote with your wallet as an advocate?
  • Does this cause fit within my budget constraints? Remember travel itself costs money and there will likely be unexpected expenses along the way so choose something that’s realistic for today & achievable over time.

It’s okay if it takes time to explore experiences & organizations that really align with your values— hope everyone has an enjoyable journey!


Identifying Your Passions

You might choose to focus on a particular issue or on supporting already established organizations or individuals like Franci Neely that work towards solving an issue. For instance, an organization dedicated to women’s rights might be the ideal fit for someone who is passionate about gender equality or education initiatives could be an effective way for someone interested in improving educational systems across the world to get involved.

When identifying the cause that speaks most strongly to you, consider conducting research into reputable charities and funds so that you know exactly where your money is going and will be used for its intended purposes.

Alternatively, there are countless short-term volunteer programs around the world ranging from environmental conservation projects to nursing programs in rural areas of developing nations. As such, if you would prefer working hands-on with people then volunteering may be a more suitable option as it allows an opportunity to travel while helping those directly affected by poverty and lack of resources in specific regions around the world.


Assessing Your Resources

Resources such as time, money, or skills may be in greater demand by certain causes than others. For example, a cause that needs volunteers to build a school might require more of an investment in terms of physical labor than one that needs monetary donations for medical supplies.

It is also important to assess the current needs and objectives of an organization before deciding to support them. Do they have a long-term plan to reach their goals or do they need urgent support? Are they directly benefiting the community that they are working with? Doing research ahead of time on organizations can help you decide if their mission and values align with yours and if your support will truly make a difference.

Understanding the Impact of Your Support

The best way to do this is by researching organizations or initiatives that have the potential to be positively transformative in their ability to create sustainable change in communities around the world. Look at organizations that are driven by solid research, strategic objectives, and measurable goals. Ask questions about how they intend to measure their successes and how they will ensure that their efforts are sustained over time.

It’s also important to review the organization’s financial reports to make sure that it is using its funding effectively — you want your donation money to be well spent! Consider organizations with strong social networks and advocacy efforts as well as those that are transparent in their operations, including how they track and measure results.


Finding Local Organizations

Local charities can often be found by talking with people in the area such as guesthouse owners, tour guides, shop owners, etc. While many areas have their own website which showcases local non-profits and organizations that are dedicated to making sure everyone is taken care of, there are other ways to find an organization that needs your help.

Community boards often publicize stories about those in need and ask for donations to specific causes. Social media networks like Twitter can also be helpful; use related hashtags like #donate or #makeachange along with the name of the city or town you’re visiting in order to find charities and donation drives within the area!

Travel blogs and personal blogs can sometimes offer insight into other ways travelers have helped fund-raise or contribute during their travels over time. Educating yourself on different cultures will also make it easier for you to determine how best to contribute when visiting a new place!

Making a Plan of Action

Part of the process of choosing a philanthropic cause to support while traveling is creating a plan of action. This plan should consider the amount of time and resources that you have available, as well as an assessment of the potential outcomes, risks, and rewards. Think about how much time and money you can realistically commit.

It might be helpful for you to think about ways to learn more about their mission and goals before launching your philanthropic efforts. Consider reaching out to local experts or reading published accounts from those who have already implemented similar initiatives in other areas.



Choosing a philanthropic cause to support while you travel is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only will it give you the chance to give back and make a positive impact in local communities, but it can also deepen your understanding of other cultures and create meaningful connections with people around the world. With careful research and thoughtful consideration, you’ll be able to find the perfect cause that aligns with your values and interests. So don’t wait – start exploring today!