Chicago is constantly blessed with a range of diverse talent, and OZMTZ definitely qualifies. His usual style blends trance, progressive house, and other 4×4 styles of dance music. Despite gaining support from the likes of Gareth Emery and Don Diablo, he remains astonishingly humble, and his music shows the kind of artistic reserve that is rare among modern DJs.

His latest track, Forbidden Fruit, pushes the boundaries of his sound towards the darker, deeper reaches of house. At over seven minutes long, it has a gradual, flowing characteristic that is prevalent in trance and progressive house (and that\’s real progressive house, not \”1, 2, 3, jump\” progressive house).

The beginning of the track delivers a punch bassline one would expect from deep house, but gradually layers somber melodic elements to draw the focus from the bass to the melody. The second build up is far longer and spacier, but builds up into the driving bassline of before returning with familiar synth layers from before.

This track is a refreshing addition to OZMTZ\’s palate. Pick it up now for free via the Windy City Artist Collective, and like and share it to show your support!