Originally from Chi-Town, stereoGO now resides in Minneapolis. Though his resident days at Chicago\’s The Trap House are over, this prideful producer has found a new approach to his own work.

Reinventing himself turned out to be very important for him; his next step was to make a mark. He decided to try and do that by taking on Intro by The xx. The rework maintains a Tropical House vibe but with a colder Midwest twist. After all, the winters here get hectic.

We don\’t know what the future has in store for stereoGO, but at least we now have glimpse of what\’s ahead. As the emerging Tropical House genre gains listeners, we expect to hear more tracks from hopeful producers like him.

Pick up a free download of this remix or stream it below.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] The xx – Intro (stereoGO Remix)