The Chemical Brothers (Tom Rowlands and Ed Simon) have been huge players in the electronic music community since the mid 1990s when they released their first album Exit Planet Dust.  The duo from Manchester recently headlined the Glastonbury Festival alongside Deadmau5 and Flying Lotus, but before the show they revealed their thoughts on modern American electronic music in an interview with The Guardian.

They touched upon the DJ residency scene in Las Vegas and how hard it would be for them to join that \”alien\” world.

If we really wanted to we probably still could but I think it would be soul-destroying. It’s a mad old world, that world. It does feel alien.


Although The Chemical Brothers totally support fun dance music, they notice that there is a lot of \”pie-chart music\” in America that seems to become popular no matter what it is.

“We played in America recently and every record sounded like [Italian DJ/producer] Benny Benassi. I know that sounds like your dad wandering into Top of the Pops and saying it all sounds the same, but it did all sound the same. There’s just one feeling: very triumphant, very celebratory. We like the sense that you go through different experiences.”



“The one-dimensional sound is quite effective but it doesn’t seem to have that magical, transporting quality. But if I was 18 in Orlando and I’d just finished my exams, maybe it would. I don’t know.”



“There’s only one way to find out, enrolling in Orlando Tech!”


The Chemical Brothers plan to release their eighth studio album, Born in the Echoes, this July featuring Q-Tip, Ali Love, Beck and more. Catch them in Chicago on the last day of North Coast and see how they compare with American electronic music.

Via: The Guardian