When we combine the most enjoyable and popular activity with the latest craze and financial earthquake called cryptocurrency, we get an even new trend called online crypto poker gambling. Now, this trend is slowly taking over, as online gambling in general and this whole industry is one of the most profitable and one with the highest growth in terms of the number of players and overall profits, but now, when we can use our coins for that, the stakes are much higher, and the whole concept reached new highs. Okay, the current number of crypto owners is not that high, and yes, not every person who has cryptos gambles, but if we take into count how crypto popularity and ownership rapidly rise, crypto gambling sites can only grow as well. But, this, especially since it is still something new, also represents a great opportunity for hackers and scammers to take advantage of not well-protected gambling websites and low protection accounts.

All the tips, strategies, and even gambling experience are simply much less important if the website we choose is not legit or has bad security, as it is only a matter of time until we suffer the consequences. Of course, that leads us to the main question, which is how to check if the crypto poker site is legit or not? Well, there are two ways, and you can either keep reading as we will further focus on this topic and provide some tips or go to a renowned crypto gambling website Coin Poker and start playing right now.

1. Check for license


Even though this should be the first and most obvious step, you would be surprised how many people tend to register and create an account on a website without doing it, just because of a great and attractive bonus offer. The best way to determine whether some website is worth your time is by doing a simple and quick check whether they have a license to operate, regardless of where the website is based. Furthermore, poker sites that have such licenses tend to present it in a highlighted section that every visitor must notice. As for why this is important well, it shows that the operator has provided detailed info regarding their business, pays taxes, and works within the law of the country in which they are placed.  In the end, this whole verifying process will only take a couple of minutes at most, so there isn’t any argument against not doing it.

2. Check their reputation

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to find a legit poker site is to take time and read some reviews. The internet can help us a lot since we can find all information we want, and we can find out the reputation of the casino by reading other people’s experiences. It may take some time and be a little boring, but we can learn a lot since people like to share their experiences and opinions, whether they are positive or negative. If there are more positive comments than negative, a casino can be taken into consideration, and if there are more negative ones, it is much better to search for another one.

3. How accessible they are?


Many people like to gamble while on the go, which is one of the main reasons why every casino has an app that can be used on mobile phones. Even if you prefer gambling on bigger screens, check if the casino has an app because it can be pretty useful while you are on vacation or waiting in line and want to kill some extra time. These apps are a great sign that casinos think about their customers and try to provide them with the best possible experience.

4. Are they new?

Choosing a poker site that is completely new can be a tricky decision because we cannot find enough information and customer reviews to learn more about them and their operations. Because of that, it is a much better option to find one that has been working for some time and has a lot of satisfied users to prove that it is legit and safe to entrust it with our money.

5. Check bonuses


Each online casino today has a great bonus offer because of two reasons. Bonuses are a great way to attract new players from all over the world because they can play more and try new games without losing any money. On the other side, bonuses are also perfect for keeping the existing players entertained and willing to play more and more. Because of that, checking the bonus offer of one casino can tell us a lot about it, and it is something you should check before the final decision to create an account and start gambling.

6. Always check the customer support

It might look unnecessary, but checking customer support can tell us a lot about any website, especially an online casino. The customer support should be available during the whole day and night, and during the whole week so you can reach them whenever you have a problem or question. People usually gamble more on weekends and during holidays because they have more free time, and it is necessary that customer support can be reached. They should be friendly and willing to listen to the users in order to find the best possible solution to any problem regarding the website, games, withdrawals, or deposits.

Final Thoughts


Although gambling is about having a great time and winning some cash, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay close attention and carefully pick a poker site that is verified and trustworthy. Even doing basic research and reading reviews can be enough, so why not get the best possible gambling experience when all that’s needed and all that it takes is just a couple of minutes. Playing poker is the main goal here, and by knowing that your personal info and money are safe, you can focus on what’s really important, and that’s the cards you have, when to bluff, and when to go all in.