Abdominoplasty or famous tummy tuck is one of the procedures that are very popular amongst celebrities, both male and female ones. You would assume that only females would undergo this procedure, especially after having a baby. Still, you would be surprised by the fact that the tummy tuck may be used after weight loss, or to tone up the stomach a bit since there are few options for this type of surgery. Some celebrities were opened about this, while others never admitted to going under the knife, but it is quite obvious. A list of them who undergone abdominoplasty is in the continuation of the article.

1. Angelina Jolie

Source: IMDb

Even though she has never admitted that she has gone to the plastic surgeon and done alteration on the body, it is pretty obvious that she did an abdominoplasty. Since after giving birth to the twins, we can say that she seems to have a perfectly flat stomach, and any mom out there will say that this is impossible, especially after having more than one baby. As we can now see, Angelina looks flawless than ever, and this makes us very suspicious of her getting a small help to achieve this.

2. Kate Gosselin

Source: Good Housekeeping

Kate gained her glory from the TLC show Jon and Kate plus 8, where they have followed her and her husband and their eight kids daily. Kate has given birth to sextuplets, and after having that many babies in the abdominal cavity, abdominoplasty is something that is completely justified due to the excess skin that remains after giving birth. Kate looks fantastic for someone who had carried six babies and gave birth to them, and it is evident that after that much of a stretch, it is impossible to have a perfect stomach without some help on the side.

3. Courtney Love

Source: Wikipedia

As we age, it is normal that the skin is losing elasticity and becomes very fragile and not cooperative. It cannot withstand the changes in the weight, and due to this, it starts to look saggy. Cortney love experienced this, and at the very first appearance of the skin, that is not the same as before, especially on the abdomen. She visited a surgeon and underwent a simple procedure that has made her look tucked and polished, and her stomach was as flat as possible at mid-fifties.

4. Tara Reid

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This actress has gained her popularity from staring in the series of American Pie movies. After the glory of the movies, she has turned to different jobs and has led to changing appearance and gaining weight. After the fats are being removed from the abdomen fast, which can be done by the fast weight loss or liposuction, the skin starts to appear like it is a size bigger than it should be. This is where plastic surgery comes into action and fixes these issues. The result is truly magnificent, and now that she is in her mid-forties, Tara looks fantastic.

5. Donatella Versace

Source: Net-a-Porter

This famous Italian fashion designer is famous for her love for plastic surgery. It is very evident that she has done a lot on her and that she is not hiding her love for the plastic surgery and changes that can be made with it. If we exclude the procedures she has done on her face, which are very evident and some might say went a bit wrong, we can only assume what she has done to the rest of their body. It is evident that there was at least one abdominoplasty since she way passes her sixtieth birthday, and her skin is not as elastic as before, so a little help on the side was needed.

6. Britney Spears

Source: wishtv.com

Britney has had her hard times, and we have all witnessed her mental breakdown. She did gain weight and later on lost it, so, like all celebrities, she has had a little help there. We are not sure that she has done liposuction, but we are sure that there were some adjustments to the tummy and cutting the excess skin there in order to make it look flawless. Abdominoplasty is a very popular thing amongst celebrities.

If you are not sure about having a tummy tuck and how dramatic results can be, click here to see before and after pictures and see what can be done in the operating room.

7. Nicki Minaj

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This famous rap star appears very mysterious, and her figure is too exaggerated in some parts that it is impossible to believe that it is all-natural. She does have a very small waist and very big lower and upper portion of the body, so the assumption is that she did liposuction of the abdominal area and used this fat to enhance her booty. After liposuction, the abdominal skin starts to sag, so repair is needed.

8. Mariah Carey

Source: The Times of Israel

Like all other celebrities that have reached a certain age, she also did have some doubts about her appearance. She has, in the past few years, been on the heavier side, and we assume that there was some liposuction included, since most famous people would instead do the liposuction, rather than try to lose excess fat in more conventional ways. The type always results in saggy skin if it is done on the stomach, so at least a form of abdominoplasty must be done to stretch the skin and make it snuggle with the muscles underneath it.


As you can see, many celebrities have done this procedure, and there are probably many more. This procedure is more popular in females than in males, especially since after giving birth, this one is more or less necessary. Some males have undergone this procedure, especially if they have had big weight loss and needed to tuck that excess skin back to make the abdominal muscles visible. The procedure is not painless, but it does provide you with a perfectly flat stomach, of course, it is essential to maintain a healthy weight and not to gain or lose too much.