If you, or someone you love, is battling a cancer diagnosis, there is promising evidence that suggests CBD and cancer may go hand-in-hand.

Cannabis is one of the most versatile elements growing on planet earth.

From hemp production to cannabinoids, the evolution of this industry knows no bounds. CBD has been studied for many years, but studies have recently implied that it could have more healing properties than we’ve anticipated.

While Western medicine was born for good reason, its evolution has been touch and go. Pharmaceutical companies have their place, as modern medicine has done wonders to fight disease and illness.

But when we combine Western medicine with holistic approaches, we gain strength in numbers. Utilizing the strongest properties of healing in every area to combat cancer.

So, does CBD fight cancer?

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has offered complimentary support when combined with modern science. And for a massive disease like cancer, people need all of the supplemental treatment plans they can put their hands on.

While cancer is built from some of the most complex cells in the human body, the cannabis sativa plant has a fair amount of complexity, too. Making this combination a couple for the ages.

The cannabis sativa plant has two varieties, marijuana and hemp. This dynamic duo both produces cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. Thus, making CBD a popular option since the level of THC in hemp is far lower than your average marijuana plant.

CBD contrasts with THC in that there is no psychoactive component. So the symptoms that people fear and THC are dramatically reduced in CBD. That means less of a chance of causing any type of drowsiness, confusion, or other concerns.

CBD has been used in the herbal world for centuries. And while studies remain to be conclusive, there is supporting evidence that cannabinoids might reduce the growth of cancer tumors.

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Effects of CBD on Cancer Cells

Plenty of evidence suggests that CBD treatment during chemotherapy can help reduce nausea, vomiting, and other unfavorable symptoms.

In 2019 there was a study done on pancreatic cancer. The authors of this study posed a hypothesis about whether or not cannabinoids could help lessen the chance of tumor invasion. The evidence suggests there could be palpable data that supports this hypothesis.

While there are a few standardized studies that are inconclusive regarding the effects of cancer treatment with CBD oil, there have been reports on this collaboration that look promising.

In addition to the extreme physical side effects of cancer, the emotional and mental toll it can take presents another set of challenges for its patients.

There have also been studies done on cell death and glioblastoma cells related to radiation. Chemotherapy and radiation can wreak havoc on a cancer patients’ body and mind.

Some research suggests that cannabinoids can support the ease of neuropathy. In 2018 the FDA approved its first cannabis-based drug to treat seizures that develop in epileptic patients.

It is postured that CBD can target cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2 can be found in the brain, spinal cord, and other areas of the body.

These receptors are a part of an enormous signaling system. While still being studied, it is believed to have the potential for regulating cognizance, insomnia, and mood. All of which can be impacted by chemotherapy.

The world of studying plant medicine is constantly expanding. And while small studies show promise, it will require large-scale studies to confirm the speculation of just how powerful CBD can be when utilized against cancer cells.

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CBD and Cancer

Cancer is a big word.

It holds within it the pain and suffering of millions of people across the world. By 2040, it is projected that diagnoses will grow to 27.5 million. Despite that alarming projection, doctors around the globe continue their research.

Those same doctors have observed the stimulatory effect that delta-nine-THC has on patients’ appetites through animal studies; not only does it help them want to eat more, but it has also shown promising results in advancing the body’s ability to process food.

The level of strength that chemotherapy and cancer zap from its patients is no joke. Maintaining a proper, healthy diet is imperative to keep the strength needed to complete daily living tasks.

We’ve seen the effects that chemotherapy can have on a person living with cancer. And having the extra layer of support means a better chance at maintaining a better quality of life.

Danish researchers created a clinical trial that ran 21 more times over a span of two decades. They concluded that there might be substantial therapeutic effects that CBD can have on a patient. That CBD has the potential to antagonize cancer cells and support healing in the process.

While the effects remain to be federally approved, the data collected suggests that CBD and cancer can cohabitate. Creating a better quality of life for the person living with that diagnosis has always been the goal.

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Fight the Good Fight

The big question, “do cannabinoids affect cancer cells?” may be hard to answer with concrete results today. But the incredible doctors and medical pioneers continue their work, eventually, in bringing declaration to this hopeful truth.

When we approach CBD and cancer, we acknowledge the power of what this earth provides for its inhabitants.

Alternative cancer cures continue to be studied around the globe, and with the support of modern science, the future’s looking bright. If you enjoyed reading about the research being done on CBD and cancer, check out our blog for more CBD news.