Swiss house producer EDX has a deep love for Chicago – the birthplace of house music. Saturday, Jan 28th he makes his return here performing at Afterlife at Annex. In anticipation of his show, we wanted to reach out to him for an interview to talk about what he\’s been up to and what to expect in the future.

For anyone that hasn\’t heard of you, how would you describe EDX?

I am simply a House DJ/Producer that love to make people smile on the dance floor.

How has your sound progressed in the last year? Are you evolving or reinforcing a certain style?

I worked on different angles last year, 2017 will see again a swift and fresh EDX update. Everything is going to be more sexy and much more soulful.

Tell us about your past experiences here in Chicago.

Chicago has been really good to me over the last 3 years, I am always coming back with a good feeling in my heart. I can feel the love this city has for house music, it’s always special and makes me feel at home.

What are your thoughts on the state of house music and EDM as a whole?

Music is an ongoing journey that returns in cycles and is always on the move, which is the best thing in my point of view. House Music was there since forever and the EDM culture has made it bigger than ever before. It’s not only a music movement, it’s a whole new generation and lifestyle for the US. It\’s the way people, talk, dance, dress up etc.

Any other artists we should be on the look out for?

There are many great artists. I think this year we should all look out for Croatia Squad and Sons of Maria. They will all have a great 2017 with excellent music.

Any hints about what we should expect to hear from you at Annex?

Sexy music with a good vibe. There will be new fresh music of course, you will hear my next single Dharma and of course my brand new remix of Feel The Same. Well let’s not forget some EDX classics from the last 10 years…

Needless to say, we\’re very excited to see him again. If you\’d like to win free tickets to see EDX at Afterlife, follow this link and share the video for your chance to win!