\’500: Episode One\’ is the first installment of Caspa’s long-awaited third artist album. Easily his boldest, rawest, heaviest work to date: ‘500’ will be delivered over three episodes, climaxing with a whole body of work complete with additional production.

\”500 is an album I wanted to make that didn\’t compromise, and allowed me to be completely selfish. I wanted to be in the studio and have fun. I didn\’t want to think about who would like it, or where it would be placed. It wasn\’t about making music to fill stadiums; it was about making music to fill basements. It\’s dark, cinematic, emotional, and raw. 500 is the soundtrack to that vision and movement.\” – Caspa

01. Stand Your Ground
02. Derek
03. Submission
04. Your Time Is Now

Released: 20/10/2014
More info: caspa500.com

Caspa will also be touring through the US in November/December: