carnage by yoder
carnage by yoder

Ah, the infamous DJ Mag top 100 list. Every year, DJ Mag has fans vote for their favorite DJ\’s of the year. There are some producers that don\’t care about their place in the DJ Mag; some producers even ask for their fans to not vote for them on the top 100 list. But there are some producers that do care and ask their fans to votes. This year, Carnage is going beyond most producers for votes to get a high rank.









Carnage is asking his fans to vote for him in the top 100 list in exchange free tickets to any of his US shows and some “VERY VERY VERY special prizes”.

This is a very controversial action of Carnage to do because he is persuading his fans with bribes that have money value in exchange to a popularity vote. Has he gone too far?

Photo by Yoder