A month or two back, electronic company Razer announced their new line of laptops, in which they created a new YouTube series, dedicated to showing producers making their music on the new Razer machines. Amongst those producers was traphead Carnage, whose Razer Music tutorial video became extremely infamous after it was apparent that the producer had no idea what he was talking about. However, a couple eagle eyes noticed that the Sylenth1 production software used in Carnage\’s production video was not licensed to him, and was believed to be pirated. This stirred a huge controversy, as to why a big-name producer is using unlicensed software. Carnage finally responded to the controversy by stating he was not responsible for the software on the computer, but Razer, who supplied the computer, was. To make matters worse, he even discredited his own promotion, stating that the computer in the video wasn\’t even his to begin with.

In an obvious marketing move, Razer has officially cut all ties with Carnage, officially removing every trace of the producer on their website and amongst their YouTube channels. The tutorial series which included the controversial producer, now contains Dyro, Metro Boomin, Feed Me and Varien, who has also replaced Carnage\’s photo in all marketing materials. Subsequently, Carnage released a brand new single off of his upcoming album, Papi Gordo, today, which is likely to muddle the news regarding the Razer separation.

Neither Razer nor Carnage has officially commented on the separation, however, feel free to check out the tweets that led to the end of this relationship, as well as the video that started it all below.

@TheFPIA annnndddd drum roll please…. ? it wasn\’t my computer in the video… Case closed buddy.. don\’t forget to pre order #PAPIGORDO

— CARNAGE (@djcarnage) October 22, 2015

@djcarnage @atoms2k Hi, we\’re happy to make it a matter. You do understand you don\’t have any copyrights using illegal software? — LennarDigital (@LD_Sylenth1) October 21, 2015