People forget that many of our favorite producers and DJs were classically trained musicians before their rise to stardom. The classic and highest-demanded form of EDM show usually does not give the DJ much opportunity to use real instruments in their performance. There are, of course, exceptions as with GRiZ or Duck Sauce, but for the most part DJing is all that we see of the artist.

To witness an artist perform as they were trained, on real instruments with a live band, is a hugely rewarding and inspiring experience as we come to newly appreciate their electronic productions by seeing them display their true musical talent.

Superstar DJ Calvin Harris did just this at this year\’s BBC Music Awards. From behind the piano, Calvin plays an astounding few tracks from his most recent album accompanied by a live band, John Newman, and Ellie Goulding.

Check out a video from the awards below, and witness Calvin Harris\’ talent in a new light!