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Maintaining a healthy weight is considered a vital thing nowadays. However, there are people who prefer being slim. Therefore, losing weight is not common among obese and overweight people but also among others. We want to eat everything but not want to gain weight. Therefore, weight loss methods are always improving.

As a result of continuous development in this sector, we now have vibration machines. All you have to do is to stand on the machine and it will do its job. This invention is best for people who are lazy and do not have much time to do exercise. You can sit on the sofa and place your feet on the machine. This is your free time exercise where you do not have to do anything.

One such machine is HYPERVIBE that offers its scientific benefits with complete body vibration treatment. Therefore, unlike many other machines, this will work on your whole body. So if you are going to lose weight, you will do it all over. Furthermore, you can do it all in the comfort of your home with its low-impact training. You can learn more about this machine on this website.

Working of a vibration machine

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Vibration machines work by contracting and relaxing the muscles and thus break down the fat to provide energy to the body. This is similar to doing exercises where you run or move your body to contract and relax your body muscles. As a result of this exercise, your body will consume more energy and thus, the need will further increase. Consequently, the breakdown of fatty cells will take place.

Vibration machines do muscle movement several times every second. Thus, it works as a high-intensity workout and all that at the comfort of your home. You will get a variety of amplitude and frequency of vibrations. Therefore, it will be your choice and you will make the decision.

Furthermore, there is a significant difference between doing exercise and using a vibration machine. You do not need to do any warm-up and the muscular movement will be much better. Thus, you can lose more weight in less time. This will burn more energy and burn more fats, resulting in reducing the fat stores of our body.

Benefits of using a vibration machine

Fat burning is only one benefit of a vibration machine. Some of the other plus points include;

  1. It will increase the flexibility of your muscles
  2. You will have improved posture
  3. It also acts to improve the balance and coordination of your body
  4. A vibration machine strengthens and tones your muscles
  5. It also works on the rejuvenation of muscles

Any criteria for its use?

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So who can use a vibration machine?

Vibration machines are not much complex and there are not any significant after-effects too. All these machines do is move your muscles. Therefore, the maximum side effect that you can have is muscle cramps and pain and that too in the first days. If you are not habitual of doing exercise and have stiff muscles, it is highly likely that you might get muscle cramps. And you do not need any treatment for that, regular use for a few days will get rid of such problems. Other than this, you won’t have any other side effects.

Calorie burning with the help of vibration machine

It mainly depends on the type of machine that you are using. If you are using a machine for your whole body workout, more calories will burn in less time. When you are using a vibration machine, it will contract and relax your muscles several times per second. However, this is not the case with other workouts.

Therefore, research results show that the calorie burnout rate is 20 percent more with a vibration workout. So if you can burn 144 calories in a 20-minute workout, a vibration machine can burn 174 calories.

But again, the number varies with every person. A person who has never done exercise before is likely to burn fewer calories than a person who is active in physical work.

Difference between doing exercises and vibration workouts

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Although vibration workouts are quite effective in weight loss but they cannot compare with doing physical exercise. If you involve yourself in a physical workout, it will improve your core strength. Furthermore, these exercises strengthen your bones and also increases bone density. Therefore, your overall health will be improved.

However, this is not the case with vibration machines. They only work on your muscles and not bones. Therefore, muscular movement will only help you get rid of excessive fat. Moreover, it will relax your muscles and won’t do anything to your bones. Thus, the final result will only be weight loss nothing else.

So if we compare the two exercise types, you will know that doing the workout is better. However, it is best that you use a combination of both methods. You can do muscular exercise daily and do a physical workout once or twice a week. The overall result will be weight loss and healthy and strong bones.

How to use a vibration machine

The use of vibration machines is not a difficult thing to do. Even if you are a beginner and have just started doing exercises, the results will amaze you. All you have to do is to stand on the vibration machine and turn it on. Using it for fifteen minutes daily will help you burn extra fats and calories.

Calorie burnout time

When you are using a vibration machine, you should pay attention to the time of use.

If you use it for 5 minutes, it will burn 49 calories. Likewise, a 10-minute use will burn 98 calories and it goes to 147 calories for a 15-minute use. There should not be a time set for its use. You can stand on it as long as you want but 20 to 30 minutes of use is enough for you on a daily basis.