It\’s safe to say that everyone has their own version of \”the one who got away\” and knows that it\’s not easy to get over.  This is a common storyline in music, as it creates an outlet to express feelings that are felt by humans around the world that sometimes cannot be put into full sentences.  That\’s exactly what Breathe Carolina did on their latest release titled, \”Echo (Let Go),\” making the single relatable to listeners around the globe.  The electronic band from Denver teamed up with mysterious new producer, IZII on this one, giving the track a pleasant melody and futuristic sound that will surprise you.  \”Echo (Let Go)\” has been in production since April 2016, making it the longest time that both artists have ever worked on a track, but the finished product shows that it was definitely worth the wait.

Check out the video below and buy/stream the track here!

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