Borgore just released the official music video for his new single, \”Legend.\” To no surprise, it is no short of ridiculous, and has everything you\’d want to be in a Borgore video. The video follows Borgore\’s own two definitions of the word \”legend,\” personifying them through the ambitions of a young child and the reckless lifestyle of the man himself. Borgore further explains this idea in the \”making of\” video for \”Legend\”. There\’s been a lot of mixed emotions about this track, but overall I think it\’s safe to say this is just another solid Borgore track. It may be a little experimental, but I think there is a perfect blend of classic Borgore with new ideas. Some more hilarious lyrics from Borgore lead up to a nasty beat that is sure to grab your attention. \”Legend\” is part of Borgore\’s new EP, also called \”Legend,\” that will be coming out the 25th of June. Enjoy the bizarre video, and be sure the grab the EP when it\’s released!