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Today, in the midst of a global pandemic, the need to strengthen our immune system is the greatest. Being able to fight efficiently diseases infections and viruses is extremely mandatory. Yet, the question that arises is; how would you boost your immune system?

The answer is simple: just consume the right foods and stay away from the wrong ones. Every one of us would want our body to be in perfect shape with its own healing powers working at its peak to maintain our health. provides you just that. With their helpful therapies, nutritional supplements, and conventional medicine, you could achieve your desired goal; a strong immune system and good health.
Functional medicine is your key to reclaim your immunity to its full strength. Here are some steps to guide you.

1. Begin the day with an ACV shot

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ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar is quite helpful when it comes to health. It has been found that it helps in warding off many infections. Hence, getting an ACV shot first thing in the morning is what you should do. This helps by balancing your pH levels. As you know, the pH scale begins from 1 and ends at 14. While 7.3 to 7.5 is the ideal range. If your pH level lies below 7 then you are extremely acidic indicating weak immunity. On the other hand, if it rises above 7.5 then it is indicative of an alkaline nature. Hence you might face problems in metabolizing essential nutrients and your oxygen levels in the blood might go down as well.

Apple cider vinegar shot also assists in metabolizing fat as well as strengthening the health of your gut.

2. Drinking turmeric pepper honey tea

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Turmeric, the natural antibiotic when brewed with tea helps in maximizing the cellular oxygen levels of your body, overcoming inflammation, making vital nutrients along fighting off viruses or bacteria. You could drink black or green tea, whichever brewed with turmeric, pepper and honey are famous for their ability to fight infections and viruses. Since pepper, an anti-inflammatory substance strengthens the potential of turmeric. Moreover, honey is an added booster. Just take this drink daily and the results would surprise you. The best thing about this is that it is completely safe with no side effects or harm whatsoever.

3. Eating after every three to four hours

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This might surprise you that eating something after a few-hour interval is going to strengthen your immunity. You see, it actually plays a role in boosting your adrenal health. But first, what is adrenal health? Two adrenal glands are present in every human being, on the top of our kidneys( one on each kidney). They play an important role in producing hormones, especially stress hormones. One of their jobs is to control the number of streets hormones as it plays a vital role in strengthening your immune system. Since stress is the biggest blow to your immunity.
Therefore you should consume 60 grams of proteins in a day. You could get around twenty grams from a meal. And ten grams could be consumed from snacks.
This doesn’t mean to include chips or burgers in your diet. No, that is not what is meant here. Simple Greek yogurt, fish, or chicken. That is what you should go for. And if red meatworks for you, that is it does not result in any digestive problems then that is also good. You could also add lamb a few times a week.

4. Add Magnesium in your diet

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In fact, do not just add magnesium. Bulk upon it. Include leafy green vegetables in your daily diet. Like beet greens, spinach, or kale. These provide tons of magnesium. You could also go for almonds. They are perfect for munching on while reading or watching a movie. Magnesium is considered the perfect micronutrient due to its ability to be a co-factor for hormones along with neurotransmitters. In addition to this, it provides you with other benefits as well. It leaves a relaxing effect and has been seen to promote sleep and lower anxiety levels.

5. Stay away from things that result in inflammation

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When your feel threatened by something, it responses by producing inflammation. When heavy foods disturb your digestive system, it could cause inflammation. These foods can be high in gluten or lactose. Especially processed foods, extra carbohydrates, alcohol, and refined sugars. Do not over consume on these. Inflammation happens when your body switches into defense mode. Hence it is high time to refrain from consuming anything which could cause you to harm and further disturb your body. Remember, you are what you eat.

6. Add probiotic foods to your diet

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Your digestive system which balances your hormones is strengthened by probiotic foods which are considered good bacteria. If you have a healthy gut then automatically your immunity becomes healthy. Yogurt or sourdough bread is the sources of these good bacteria. Do not overindulge in these. Just one or two servings a day are enough.

What changes you should bring in your lifestyle to boost immunity

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Stress is a key factor. It hinders your immune system and makes you susceptible to diseases. Hence avoid getting stressed. Visit a counselor if you want and go through life with a positive mind. Get proper and adequate sleep as well. Furthermore, exercise daily. It is your miracle worker. And if you have a sore throat then saltwater gargles are the perfect solution.

To sum up, you could also add nutritional supplements to your diet. They would help you in overcoming any deficiencies and strengthen your immunity. Zinc is said to be an immunity booster. You could also go for calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, or vitamin D. However, you must check with your doctor before taking any supplements. Never use them without a doctor’s prior permission. Keep in mind that supplements are always the second option. The first way is to have a healthy diet. What you can not get in your diet, that is what you can cover up with the help of supplements. Therefore simply follow these steps and consult any doctor if you face any queries.