The anticipation is growing steadily as it gets closer and closer to Above and Beyond\’s next album \”We Are All We Need\”\’s release date on January 20th of next year.

If the wait is too much for you, don\’t fret as A&B have just released another single with Alex Vargas called \”All Over the World\”. This track was originally played out at the 100th Group Therapy, but has since been unidentified as to what it is. Finally, we\’ve gotten our answer in the form of a slightly condensed club mix version of the track.

The song begins with gigantic, metallic-sounding synth slaps and percussive swells, and breaks into a soothing and beautiful interlude, as Alex Vargas\’ vocals emerge into the soundscape. The drop is simple but tight, and sounds to be another instant classic from Above & Beyond.

Be sure to preorder the album on iTunes and instantly receive singles \”We\’re All We Need ft. Zoë Johnston\”, \”Blue Sky Action\” and \”Sticky Fingers\”.