Staying in one place for years can be tiring, even when you love everything about your home and the state. So, if you’re thinking up relocation plans, but can’t decide on which state to move to, don’t look too far.

With the recent WalletHub 2024 report on the best states to live in 2024 and our expert recommendations, this guide provides you with our list of the top 10 best US states to live in.

What are the 10 Best States to Live in America?

1. Washington


The nation’s capital ranks first on our list for various reasons. The first is access to a quality metro standard of living. From, the thriving economy to the boisterous job employment scene, the US government has made Washington the Gold Standard for every other state in America.

In fact, many residents use the word magical to describe the living standards in the state since they also have access to world-renowned restaurants, music and art scenes, and several museums to explore. But, that’s not all the nation’s capital has to offer.

Other Facts

  • Education: 4th
  • Economy: 4th
  • Health care: 8th
  • Infrastructure: 3rd
  • Environment: 15th

2. New Hampshire

If you love a brusque environment that offers more outdoor fun, New Hampshire is the state to be. Plus, residents of New Hampshire enjoy low tax benefits, good-paying jobs, and a low cost of living. Have kids? Then you won’t have to bother about finding reliable private and public educational institutions your kids will love. Crime is also almost non-existent in New Hampshire cities so you don’t have to worry about security while walking in your neighborhood.

What You Should Know About New Hampshire

  • Education: 13th
  • Economy: 11th
  • Crime: 1st
  • Health care: 13th
  • Opportunity: 3rd
  • Environment: 2nd

3. Minnesota


Minnesota is a place known for its clean air due to the large lakes surrounding the city. If you love a relaxing time outdoor or prefer long drives, the refreshing air will make it worthwhile.

Plus, Minnesota residents are friendly to new faces. You’ll also enjoy all four seasons. But, the winter promises more crisp snow.

Minnesota Ranking Statistics

  • Education: 17th
  • Economy: 15th
  • Crime: 15th
  • Health care: 16th
  • Opportunity: 2nd
  • Environment: 10th

4. Texas

You’d think that since Texas is the second largest state in America, finding a good footing here would be almost impossible with the dense population. Texas’s population is one of its strong points. If you’re considering shifting to Texas, it might be a good idea to research the benefits of forming an LLC in Texas to ensure your business is properly registered and compliant with state regulations

The government understands that to cater to a high population, things need to be put in place, from infrastructure to healthcare centers, education, a thriving economy, and industry to boast job roles. It’s no wonder Texas boasts of many thriving cities Abilene, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Midland, and Austin (the state’s capital).

Houston brags about a boisterous oil economy while the state’s capital has the best educational facilities. In Fort Worth, you’ll find more color jobs than you can imagine. Texas residents are also free of the state income tax other states pay.

Talk about cultural diversity, and Texas wins it all. You’ll find Mexican Americans, Asians, Africans, Latinos, and Hispanics in almost every part of Texas city. Even the food scene thrives, from the famous Mexican delicacies to Texas signature BBQ, pork fried rice, pizza, and NYC signature bagels. Some fun facts about Texas include:

  • Education: 34th
  • Economy: 9th
  • Crime: 37th
  • Health care: 31th
  • Infrastructure: 16th
  • Opportunity: 39th

5. Vermont


Vermont is one of the best states to live in the US because it offers a mixture of rural and urban living standards.

If you prefer the peaceful rural lifestyle, places like Addison County will make you fall in love each day with nature. For the metro vibe, Essex, South Burlington, Montpelier, and Williston are some good communities with the signature city offerings of an urban metropolis. On the other hand, Charlotte, Vergennes, Middlebury Shelburne, and Jericho give you the feeling of living in both an urban and rural environment at the same time.

Vermont also offers high-quality education, but you’ll find the best in Norwich, one of the state’s flourishing communities. You’ll also enjoy all four seasons but will experience more snow downpours.

  • Education: 15th
  • Economy: 25th
  • Crime: 3rd
  • Health care: 18th
  • Infrastructure: 12th
  • Opportunity: 17th
  • Environment: 9th

6. Maryland

One of the best things about living in Maryland is that you can enjoy the mountain and sea views without traveling a far distance. While Maryland is a small state, people from different parts of the world still find their way down here, boasting their culture. The state does not fall short of the best educational and health care institutes. In fact, it has one of the best educational facilities in America, with places like the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University that have once ranked the best across the nation. Some other facts about Maryland include:

  • Education: 14th
  • Economy: 35th
  • Crime: 22nd
  • Health care: 6th
  • Opportunity: 15th
  • Environment: 11th

7. Virginia


Virginia may be one of the oldest states in America, but it is a place filled with vibrant cities and beach life that makes living each day eventful.

Virginia boasts a low crime rate, a high-quality healthcare system, a strong economy, and is surrounded by the nation’s rich history. Here’s what makes this region stand out:

  • Education: 12th
  • Economy: 13th
  • Crime: 9th
  • Health care: 12th
  • Opportunity: 8th
  • Environment: 19th

8. Massachusetts

If you love the cold winter or can’t stop your mouth from watering with the thoughts of lobster, Massachusetts will make your everyday life colorful. You won’t even bother about traveling long-distance for vacation because its cities have the most desirable vacation destinations. The high-ranking schools and rich history it houses also make Massachusetts an interesting place to live.

  • Education: 2nd
  • Economy: 5th
  • Crime: 4th
  • Health care: 2nd
  • Opportunity: 36th
  • Environment: 4th

9. Nebraska


Like Maryland, Nebraska residents won’t complain about populated streets. However, if you love a family-oriented state, this is the place you want to be. The sparse population means you won’t have to border about traffic congestion, and you’ll enjoy 24-hours peace.

Furthermore, the state has the best employment prospects, solid educational options, and a low cost of living. You’ll also enjoy higher incomes from your jobs, cheap rentals, and overall high quality of life.

  • Education: 9th
  • Economy: 20th
  • Crime: 31th
  • Health care: 28th
  • Opportunity: 10th
  • Environment: 6th

10. Colorado

Colorado is the nation’s most colorful state and one of the fastest growing. Its capital, Denver, houses almost half of the state’s population. But, even at that, Denver residents enjoy explosive living standards, from the stunning natural environment to the abundant landscape, good-paying jobs, and education.

  • Education: 5
  • Economy: 2
  • Crime: 41
  • Health care: 10
  • Infrastructure: 15
  • Environment: 23

The United States houses some of the best states in the world, where a high quality of life is a priority. However, if you still need more convincing reasons to relocate, visit to quench your curiosity.