It does not matter if you have played the original headline or not, since Resurrected Diablo 2 will deliver not the same but more enhanced experience while you fight your way through the dungeons of the unique world crafted by no one else but their Majesty, Blizzard. Still, contemporary gaming standards have imposed new rules of moving through the ranks of the annoying critters, thus, we present you with a brief discussion on how to get the best gear in the recreation of the legendary title. Therefore, read through the following lines to learn how to gear up and master the game with as little effort as possible.

One Difficulty at a Time

Even though the progress of the game is conditioned by how well you handle your character, you should be aware that only finishing the game at a peculiar difficulty level might not be enough to give you the edge necessary for the more advanced stages. Namely, even though finishing the storyline in normal mode should imply you have gathered everything you possibly need to move forward to a more difficult, nightmarish stage, the truth is utterly different from the logical conclusion.

The catch is that even though you might have killed everything there was to be killed, the chances the droplets are top of the tops you desperately need are minor. Therefore, you should apply a relatively known approach to harvesting, such as farming. That is to say, kill them bastards as many times as you must until they drop the lot you crave for!


Now, constant farming might bore you to death, we know, thus we suggest you focus on game segments you enjoy, rather than spending hours of your free time on disintegrating lame-loot giving foes. On the other hand, it is up to you to decide what suits your gaming style and what you aim to achieve, but you should be aware that solely rushing through the game will not bring you pieces worthy of admiring.

Connect Yourself

Even though this might be the easiest way to get the gear you need, we support it fully, since it will save you hours of playtime for a small compensation. Namely, we all know what a role should a big brother have in one’s life, and that is to support and aid their younger siblings. Now, there are no family relations when gaming is concerned, but there are those with more experience we can ask for help.

Surely, simply asking probably won’t do the trick, but if you consider how much you might get for a small compensation you will how family-friendly certain deals might appear. In a nutshell, all you have to do is visit some online stores offering assistance for the players in need. They will do the hard work at the spot and leave the booty to you, as long as you stick to your end of the bargain. If the concept seems interesting, do your homework and learn more.

Magic Find Ambiguity

Regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert RPG player, you should be aware that Magic Find has two sides. The only certain thing is that you should focus on building it up as soon as you start the game. On the other hand, equipping it could result in your bottom effortlessly being swiped up by the enemies.


Now, what Magic Find potentiates is the increase in the probability that your foes will drop something of use upon you slaughter them. It would be ridiculous to equip it in the early stages of the game since your stats would not be as impressive as you might desire them to be. Also, you should know that it will influence your stats in exchange for potentially better loot. Thus, we suggest you first build up your character’s stats to compensate for the inevitable shortcoming. The math about the Magic Find is simple, so if you have 100% of it equipped, the chances of you stumbling upon valuable booty doubles.

Know When and Where to Farm

As we have mentioned earlier, it is highly unlikely that you will get any piece of equipment worth boasting on your way through normal difficulty. Still, you must finish it in order to embrace the opportunities the following difficulty levels bring. On the other hand, you have to work with what you get, so as soon as you know where to focus your attention, you will be on the right track.

In a nutshell, the opening regions of each stage are the places where you will find what you need without breaking a sweat. For example, if weapons are what you are after then you should focus on farming the Pits level 2 since most of the booty comes in form of the force that you desire.

When armor pieces are concerned, you should aim yourself to loot the Barracks, and with some luck, you will be able to complete the Sigon’s set in no time. We should not forget about Secret Cow level, where you should farm some quality gear pieces.

Other places worth mentioning while you fight your way on normal difficulty are the Sewers level 1 in Act 2, and the Swampy pits from the following act, where farming is more than profitable.


Now, once you reach Nightmare, you should shift your focus to different areas for more quality gear. Both 1 and 2 Pit levels are just what the doctor ordered when gathering valuable booty is in question, and if you intend on enriching your arsenal with different weapon types, you should spend some time farming the Den of Evil. Additionally, we urge you not to skip Mausoleum and Crypt farming opportunities, but also Tal Rasha’s Tomb, and feel free to eschew other sections when farming is concerned.

If, or shall we say, when you reach the hellish difficulty, make sure you revisit the Pits, and by all means focus on farming the hell out of River of Flame and Chaos Sanctum. Surely, there are more places you should spend your time on, but we leave it for you to discover it for yourself, otherwise, we would take all the fun out of the most demanding difficulty level.

Make sure you enjoy the game and try to find your way through the mesmerizing world of Resurrected Diablo. If things get a bit tricky, rereading this article should help.